McCarthy Slams Pelosi in a Letter: “Put America First”

"Kevin McCarthy" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

In a letter last Wednesday evening, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, accusing her and other Democrats of “selective hearing” after she agreed on President Trump’s requested to increase the amount of coronavirus stimulus checks that Americans would receive.

McCarthy wrote on Twitter, “Democrats appear to be suffering from selective hearing.” He added that they have conveniently ignored President Trump’s call to reconsider tax dollars that were wasted overseas while many Americans are struggling at home. McCarthy continued, “Republicans will act to put America first.”

McCarthy included in the tweet a letter that he addressed to Republican members of Congress. In the letter, he stated that Republicans previously tried to pass the coronavirus stimulus package over 40 times. However, McCarthy said, they were unsuccessful in pushing it through because Pelosi wanted to play “political games.”

McCarthy wrote, “Americans have needed relief from the coronavirus and lockdowns for months. House Republicans have attempted to pass relief over forty times, but each time, Speaker Pelosi has ignored our fellow citizens, saying ‘nothing is better than something’.”

The House Minority Leader continued and said that worse than that, by waiting days before Christmas, Pelosi tried to use the people as leverage in making the COVID relief contingent on government funding. He added that this includes billions of dollars given to foreign aid when many Americans require urgent needs at home.

McCarthy said, “Our government’s top priority must be our families, communities, and small businesses as we get through this pandemic and restore our country.” He then stated that the House Democrats seem to be suffering from selective hearing and that they have been conveniently ignoring President Trump’s concerns.

The House Minority Leader then emphasized, “we ought to reexamine how our tax dollars are spent overseas while so many of our neighbors at home are struggling to make ends meet.” McCarthy declared that Republicans would attempt a unanimous consent request to revisit the State and Foreign Operations title of the Omnibus so that they can fully address these concerns.

The letter from McCarthy comes after President Trump tweeted a video on Tuesday that immediately went viral. In the video, President Trump called on Congress to increase the amount of the stimulus checks that will be distributed to Americans. From the previous $600 to $2,000.

President Trump began the video with a statement saying, “Throughout the summer, Democrats cruelly blocked COVID relief legislation in an effort to advance their extreme left-wing agenda and influence the election.” He continued and stated, “then, a few months ago, Congress started negotiations on a new package to get the urgently needed help to the American people. It’s taken forever. However, the bill they are planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated.”

The President then highlighted examples of what he referred to as “wasteful spending,” stating that a significant portion of the bill was included in a separate spending bill. However, it was submitted alongside the COVID stimulus bill.

Trump said, “Despite all of this wasteful spending and much more, the $900 billion package provides hard-working taxpayers with only $600 each in relief payments, and not enough money is given to small businesses and in particular restaurants, whose owners have suffered so grievously.”

He added that Congress allotted a huge amount for foreign countries, lobbyists, and particular interest while giving the bare minimum to the Americans in need.