Massive Storm on the Border Halts Biden Migrant Wave

As storms passed across the area on Tuesday, flood risk alerts are still in effect for the U.S.’ top border city for migrant entries.

Agents from Border Patrol set up shop downtown beneath bridges leading to global entry points. Due to the rains, the normally 2,000 migrants crossing each day were reduced to a dribble.

The Details

In the early hours, airboats and big vehicles remained idle. The Rio Grande swiftly grew above its normal flow due to the rain, which was perilous.

The town’s streets were closed as a result of the rain. Two migrants who risked the currents were seen by Breitbart Texas giving themselves up to a nearby member of the Texas Army National Guard.

The river is a dangerous barrier for migrants, even in normal circumstances. The remains of two immigrant children were retrieved from a nearby river last week, according to Breitbart Texas.

Since October 2021, over 670 migrants have perished in “horrific” conditions. 60 percent of more than 670 deaths included drowning or dehydration.

In the following days, perilous circumstances are anticipated to spread throughout the country due to the much-needed rain in the area.

As further rain is expected over the next few days, the increase in water flow will probably result in fewer crossings, offering some relief to the overworked local Border Patrol personnel.

The agency captures migrant groups of about 500 people who voluntarily surrender on the majority of days.

Border Patrol has been compelled to scale back and, in some cases, temporarily halt normal fieldwork, due to the size of the groupings and the frequency with which they’re met.

On private property, there will probably be a pause in travel for ranchers along the border and further inside.

The rise in related property damage has drawn criticism from many people. Resources used to track wild wildlife on certain ranches have recorded the constant stream of migration.

During testimony for a Florida suit, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz claimed Biden’s “no repercussions” policy is to fault for the record-breaking surge of migrants breaching the southern border.

Biden’s to Blame

According to an exclusive Fox News story, Chief Ortiz criticized President Biden’s policies over the lack of repercussions for illegal crossings when he gave testimony in a hearing for a Florida lawsuit in July.

The Intelligence Community was sued by the State of Florida. Chief Ortiz stated, “In my opinion, we have observed rises when there are no sanctions.”

“More migrants will arrive at the frontier if they think there won’t be any repercussions for their actions. Do you mean to say that,” the state’s attorney inquired.

“There is a presumption that if migrant communities are informed there is a chance they may be freed, you would see rises,” Ortiz answered.

The government agencies operating under President Biden’s command are allegedly breaking the Immigration and Nationality Act, according to the complaint brought by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody.

According to this rule, Border Patrol agents must hold illegal immigrants in custody until they may be sent back to their home nations.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.