Massachusetts Governor Sued Over Face Mask Mandate

"Opioid Round Table With US HHS Secretary" (CC BY 2.0) by Mass_HHS

Americans continue to resist and push back against orders demanding them to wear face masks. Elected and health officials who keep putting these ordinances in place are only contributing to the amount of Americans who view face masks as relics of social control instead of health.


One of the latest elected officials to be sued over issuing a face mask mandate is Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (R). The governor’s order went into effect on May 1; individuals who fail to comply with the mandate to wear face coverings in public are liable to face a $3,000 fine.

Noreen Bachade, a Massachusetts-based business owner, is the plaintiff behind the suit against the Republican governor. Sources confirm Bachade’s belief that mandating state residents to wear face masks is ultimately unconstitutional.

Reviewing the Lawsuit Against Governor Baker

The suit against the Massachusetts governor maintains that he is violating privacy and free speech rights; the basis for this argument is rooted in the fact that masks obstruct significant parts of the face, hence complicating the ability to make facial expressions.

Additionally, Bachade believes that face mask mandates breach the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights and police power. The business owner’s suit also denounced Governor Baker’s mask mandate as a set of “arbitrary rules” that do not ultimately shield residents from contracting COVID-19.

Critical parts of the lawsuit note that the CDC’s stance on face coverings has not maintained consistency; first masks were branded as not effective, now the CDC is recommending everyone to wear them.

Furthermore, health issues such as cancer and heart disease claim significantly more lives than coronavirus; therefore, Bachade makes the case that the Massachusetts governor is being dishonest in asserting that COVID-19 has grown to “unprecedented size and destructiveness.”

Increasing Lawsuits Against Face Mask Mandates

The Massachusetts governor is not the first elected official to be slammed with a lawsuit over mandating face masks. Many other individuals who have issued these mandates are also in a similar situation.

Americans across the nation continue to sound the alarm over orders to wear face masks. Mandated masking is often denounced as a dangerous and slippery slope that will pave the way for even more undesirable mandates in the future.

As health officials double down on the merits of face coverings and dismiss the positions of those with concerns, some Americans are finding ways to fight back.

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