Mainstream Media Shows Bias Reporting Fetterman’s Debate Failure

The much-anticipated Tuesday night debate between Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz was marked by a few odd developments.

What was anticipated to be a challenging appearance for Fetterman, who experienced a stroke this year, turned out to be catastrophically worse than anyone imagined.

Notwithstanding having closed captions to aid him in understanding the moderator’s questions, the Democratic candidate was incapable of providing meaningful, thoughtful comments throughout the whole discussion.

A Crying Shame

In one interaction with the moderator, when Fetterman was prompted to clarify his previously stated backing for prohibiting fracking, the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor immediately froze for an extended period of time.

This was before Fetterman blurted out that he both supports and opposes fracking.

When he was questioned about his unwillingness to share his health records, a similar incident occurred. Fetterman refused to respond to the moderator’s straight question and instead asserted his physicians feel he is fit to serve and that is where he stands.

This persisted throughout the entirety of the debate.

While Fetterman’s stroke and subsequent health issues are regrettable, what is actually shocking is how far America’s crooked mainstream media have gone to conceal the Pennsylvania Democrat’s incapacity to serve in public office.

Throughout the 2022 election cycle, legacy media commentators shifted from denying Fetterman had any medical problems to targeting anyone who expressed concern regarding his health to now claiming Fetterman’s debate output was the coolest thing ever.

In an editorial column published on Tuesday by The Philadelphia Inquirer, several writers and editors attempted to exaggerate Fetterman’s extremely lackluster debate performance while awarding Oz a substantially lower debate rating than Fetterman.

Editorial Director at Large Paul Davies awarded Fetterman a score of 5/10, stating despite Fetterman’s “speech difficulties,” he “acknowledges the hardships of working Americans and elderly.”

Fetterman “particularly acknowledges that women — not the political establishment — should be independent to make their own decisions regarding their bodies.”

It’s The Norm

Separately, Davies gave Oz a score of 0/10, claiming the Republican nominee “debarred himself from serving in public office” the “second” he “said he would endorse Trump, who fomented a dangerous insurrection and attempted to nullify a free election, for president again.”

Moreover, what liberal media celebration would be proper without the participation of Twitter’s blue-checked brigade? Matt Lewis, a veteran columnist for The Daily Beast, tweeted a “contrarian opinion” on the discussion on Wednesday morning.

He stated while he “would still not vote for Fetterman for subjective reasons,” if he were inclined toward him, yesterday night would make him pull for him even more.

Lewis was not the only one to cover for Fetterman’s poor performance.

The habit of corporate media to obscure the declining health of Democratic politicians is not new. Look no further than their continuing disregard for the current mental state of President Biden.

Through the duration of his administration, Biden made multiple verbal gaffes and endured numerous cognitive problems, even appearing to nod off during a recent MSNBC interview.

Yet, none of this counts to the nation’s left-wing propaganda media. Leftists posing as journalists do not care whether Fetterman or Biden are physically or intellectually fit to represent their communities and fulfill American needs.

They just care about keeping their political party’s hold on government power. If it necessitates supporting those who are manifestly not medically suitable for the position, so be it.This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.