Liberal States Forced to Pay Up Over Immigration Crisis

A new multi-million dollar bundle to be used as help for immigrants requesting asylum has been unveiled by New York City’s Immigrant Affairs office.

According to a statement released in August, the Immigrant Affairs office would award contracts totaling $6.75 million to charity groups for “casework and other vital services” in the assistance of refugees.

The Details

The grant details make no mention of the requirement to distinguish between legitimate and unauthorized immigrants. One not-for-profit organization with the “most favorable offer” for the city will receive the contract, according to the agency.

Three factors, experience, suggested strategy, and institutional capability/ability to deploy quickly, will be used to evaluate organizations.

At one NYC Asylum Seeker Services Navigator Centre and five to ten satellite locations around the city, the chosen organization will handle service operations and crisis intervention.

The group will be in charge of finding volunteers, managing service delivery and client needs, informing the public and providing education, providing supplies, distributing supply bags, and other tasks.

The multi-million dollar investment plan coincides with a major surge of both legal and unauthorized immigrants into New York City. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has dispatched buses brimming with border crossers there.

Customs and Border Protection cannot detain and deport illegal immigrants in NYC because it is a sanctuary city.

Abbott claims the government’s open border policy and President Biden’s refusal to address the immigration situation led to him having to take migrants to New York City in order to protect Texan towns.

According to a press statement from Abbott on August 5, “New York City is the appropriate location for these migrants. They can appreciate the wealth of city services and accommodation that Mayor Eric Adams gloated about within the sanctuary city.”

“I hope he keeps his word to welcome all migrants with arms open so our overcrowded and overburdened border communities might find some relief.”

Unlawful Alien Inflow

Director of the NYC Department of Social Services Gary Jenkins said at an urgent City Council session on August 9 that the city established 11 hotels to handle the sudden inflow of immigrants.

Immigrants began to increase in number in the city starting in May. 4,000 immigrants arrived in the city over the course of the following three months.

Around 17,000 individuals, including 8,800 children, were staying in the city’s emergency housing system as of August 9.

New York City was named the “Most Hazardous Sanctuary Town” in America in the latest study by the Immigration Bill Law Institute (IRLI), moving up from the second position in 2019.

Towns that have won their spot on the list are to blame for “very bad leadership,” according to a statement from Dale L. Wilcox, executive director and chief counsel of IRLI.

The vast majority of data indicates that sanctuary policies increase crime, terror, and fatalities. It is important to hold these communities’ leaders accountable for the harm they have done.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.