Liberal Media Blame Americans for Biden’s Declining Popularity

Top liberal media channels, including CNN and MSNBC, blamed Americans’ lack of interest in politics for Biden’s dwindling approval ratings. Lately, Biden’s rating touched a historic low of 36% in a Quinnipiac University poll. For this, many media channels are blaming Americans.

Liberals claim Americans are not interested in politics

Brain Stelter, a CNN host, asked one of his guests, Chris Arnade, why Biden’s approval rating was not increasing, despite some success in the economic agenda. Responding to the question, Arnade said not every American understands politics as deeply as CNN does. 

Arnade also added most people tune into political channels once in a while; thus, Americans are not experts in this. Arnade noted just like how Americans support an NFL team and watch the sport, they treat politics the same way without getting involved.

The guest also noted, unlike experts, Americans do not connect policies with real-life; hence, they cannot perceive things well. Brain Stetler, the host, acknowledged Arnade’s remarks, saying Americans prefer “feelings” over “facts.”

MSNBC host called US economic recovery under Biden “very good”

In a show displaying a message stating Biden’s approval rating is plunging “despite achievements,” Stephanie Ruhle, a news anchor of MSNBC, interrogated her guests.

Ruhle asked why people are directing their anger onto Biden, even though he got his infrastructure bill passed and economic recovery is “very good.”

Responding to this, the guest Robert Gibbs said people judge the health of the economy through the hardships they may face in their lives, while ignoring the jobs report.

Likewise, Gibbs added all people care about is the price of gas and the expensive turkey at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. Labeling Biden’s agenda as popular, Gibbs said  Americans do not know much about it.

He also said all Americans wanted was inflation normalcy in the holiday season. This did not happen, hence it drained Biden’s popularity.

The Editorial Board’s writer, Magdi Semrau, even encouraged the media to create awareness about Biden’s agenda. According to her, Biden’s economic policies are popular, but that is not translating into Biden’s approval ratings.

Many other liberal journalists joined the efforts and asked media outlets to mend Biden’s reputation. Jonathan Bernstein, a Bloomberg writer, blames the media for biases against Biden’s economic agenda.

A political pundit of MSNBC, Joy Reid, lectured Americans for ditching Biden, despite the accomplishments of his administration. Reid said Biden helped Americans with vaccinations, filled up their pockets with stimulus checks, but still, Americans are not happy with Biden.

While media outlets are dismayed over Biden’s popularity dip, even Democrats themselves saw this coming. Currently, many of them are ringing alarm bells that Biden is failing to deliver since he has not actualized more of his agenda.