Leftists Explode Over Nevada-Based Indoor Trump Rally

"President Trump Travels to WI" (Public Domain) by The White House

The left is not at all pleased that President Trump has resumed holding rallies…and there are several reasons for this.

Trump rallies allow the president to directly and effectively communicate with his supporters; they also shine a light on just how much support President Trump actually has in America, in spite of the left’s attempt to spin a different narrative.


Now, the latest source of outrage for Democrats is the president’s decision to hold an indoor rally while campaigning in Nevada.

Of course, Trump detractors claim that an indoor rally inherently puts lives at risk, notes Fox News; however, the left hasn’t shared this talking point during Antifa and Black Lives Matter’s indoor gatherings to loot businesses and terrorize people in restaurants.

What To Know About Trump’s Indoor Nevada Rally

Yesterday night, the president convened with supporters at a warehouse right outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The rally attracted thousands of enthusiastic Trump supporters who eagerly cheered for the president, hanging onto his every word.

Trump’s rally yesterday evening arrived after backlash from Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak (D). Sisolak made the case that the president was putting lives at risk by failing to make his supporters participate in strict social distancing, mask-wearing, and a gathering limit of 50 persons.

Trump, however, wrote Sisolak off as a “political hack” who should reopen Nevada for the sake of state residents.

In addition to talking about the economy, the presidential election, and other important things happening in America, Trump also confirmed that he has his supporters’ backs. The president explained that if Governor Sisolak attempts to target Nevadans who attended his rally, Trump will “be with [them] all the way.”

Picking and Choosing COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies

Democrats have continued to pick and choose when mitigation strategies for COVID-19 ought to be adhered to; this is why many Americans aren’t taking seriously the Nevada governor’s outrage over Trump’s latest rally.

Conservatives and others have pointed out that if Democrats truly believed in the mitigation strategies they demand everyone else to follow, they’d act accordingly, even when the cameras are off. Thus far, top Democrats have been caught (more than once) breaching their own calls for social distancing, face coverings, etc.

If Democrats, leftist activists, and Black Lives Matter looters don’t have to adhere to mitigation strategies, why should the rest of the nation? This is a question that Nevada’s Democrat governor has yet to answer.

What did you think about President Trump’s indoor rally in Nevada? If a Trump rally arrives in your town, will you be attending? Let us know in the comments section below!