Leftist, Anti-USA Protests Break Out on Independence Day

"President Trump and the First Lady Parti" (Public Domain) by The White House

For most Americans, Independence Day is one of celebration, patriotism, and fellowship. People across the nation celebrate living in a free country by gathering with loved ones, going to events, and otherwise having a good time.

Yesterday, millions of Americans celebrated the 4th of July by wearing patriotic clothing, going to beaches, and otherwise having a great time. However, not everyone in the nation has positive, spirited feelings about our nation or her independence.


Yesterday, Black Lives Matter protesters and other leftists participated in anti-American protests. These gatherings involved stopping on the U.S. flag and otherwise cursing the country and her legacy, reports Breitbart News.

What to Know About Anti-American Protests from the Left

Some of the protests opposing America and the 4th of July occurred outside of the White House yesterday. Participants slammed the holiday, even going as far as to brand the American flag as a relic of “filth, greed, [and] crime.”

Many of the agitators also donned Black Lives Matter t-shirts and stated that our nation’s flag “has hurt so many of us.” This preceded protesters stomping and spitting on the flag before calling on others to get it “dirty.”

Black Lives Matter and other leftist protesters were also seen on video arguing with dissenters. They made the case that the flag was built on the backs of the oppressed and not an honorable symbol.

During the time when demonstrators protested Independence Day, anti-Trump writings and banners were visible on the ground. Many of the individuals wore face masks as well.

The Leftist Take on the 4th of July

Since President Trump’s time in office, the left has taken an increasingly hostile and aggressive attitude towards Independence Day. The argument that no one should celebrate the 4th of July has gained traction in progressive circles; however, things were not always this way.

Yesterday, disgraced football star Colin Kaepernick slammed Independence Day as a ceremony of “white supremacy” before stating that “we” reject it.

However, critics of this stance were quick to point out Kaepernick’s tweets from the years of Obama’s presidency where the former football player wished Americans a happy 4th of July. Needless to say, his tune has changed considerably.

What do you think of anti-America, left-wing protests and sentiment on our nation’s Independence Day? Did you celebrate the 4th of July yesterday? Let us know in the comments section down below.