Lefties Now Whine about Rude Dining Habit Dubbed ‘ICE’

The never-ending quest of the Marxist-Communist left to control every single aspect of an individual’s personal life and behavior translated into a brand-new invention of “politically incorrect” behavior.

That would be a “rude dining habit” called “invidious comparison eating” (ICE).

“YOU Are Guilty of ICE!”

“Invidious comparison eating” is being practiced by millions of Americans every single day, according to a lengthy report by the far-left publication, HuffPost.

The HuffPost article explains that ICE represents egregious “passive-aggressive” behavior and a “complisult,” that is, a compliment that turns out to be an insult – or an insult disguised as a compliment. Supposedly, this appears during dining with other people.

According to the report, the worst “passive-aggressive” dining habit occurs when a person starts by complimenting a host’s meal or cooking, but then adds that “they” make it better in “their” own way or at least have made it better.

The lefty publication bemoans the fact that ICE could occur in “any group meal setting,” but that it happens to be “particularly offensive” in a “domestic space.”

HuffPost goes ahead, rewriting and reinventing history by claiming the “invidious comparison eating” has been “recorded” for centuries.

The report claims that in 1899, a study by Norwegian-American economist Thorstein Veblen described “ICE,” allegedly, as a practice of the “moneyed class” members who were trying to set themselves apart from the lower classes.

Remarkably enough, the HuffPost article claims that ICE is a way of establishing and “broadcasting” one’s consumerist superiority “to the masses.”

Horrifying, Scarring Personal Trauma for Future US-Made Communists

In the article, author Joanna O’Leary describes her own “traumatizing” experience with ICE as one of her many “formative traumas.”

She recounts a ludicrous story from middle school in which she was so hurt when she treated a friend of hers actually named “Karen” to a part of her sandwich.

Much to the horror and trauma of the young O’Leary, the young Karen told her the sandwich was “OK” but her mom made it better because she would put in “chunky peanut butter.”

Grown-up communist Jo-Jo declared she was furious because of the “sneaky, slippery fashion” in which Karen gave her the “inconvenient truth.”

O’Leary then doesn’t exactly explain how she made it through that seemingly devastating ordeal – probably because the rest of the article makes it clear that she hasn’t.

She even manages to discover an even worse version of ICE, a “double whammy,” which includes “cultural appropriation.”

According to the HuffPost author, that happens when the eater eats a dish from another “culture,” but says “they” prefer it in “their” own version and with substandard ingredients.

The article concludes with an etiquette expert’s advice for dealing with ICE, which is to give a “polite smile” and then never invite the ICE guest again.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.