Leaked Fauci Emails Revealed Shocking Info Related to COVID-19

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On Wednesday, leaked emails of Dr. Anthony Fauci were weighed in on by former State Department investigator David Asher. The leaked emails include correspondence with an important figure linked to the lab in China, thanking Fauci for dispelling myths. 

The former State Department investigator made shocking news about leaked emails of Dr. Anthony Fauci. The email includes correspondence with a person linked to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The person thanked Dr. Fauci for “using his voice” in dismissing the “myths” that the virus might have been a result of a lab leak. 

In April 2020, Peter Daszak, the Ecohealth Alliance president, said that he wanted to thank Dr. Fauci. This thanks arrived on behalf of all the staff and collaborators of Ecohealth Alliance for “publicly standing up” and saying that evidence affirms coronavirus was a natural occurrence rather than a product of a lab in Wuhan. 

In the email, Daszak also praised Fauci, saying that in his perspective, Fauci’s comments are “brave.” He also added that a trusted voice will help dismiss the “myths” surrounding the origins of the virus.

Former State Department Investigator: “I donโ€™t trust these scientists right now.”

Meanwhile, during an interview with Bill Hemmer in “America’s Newsroom,” former State Department investigator David Asher was asked why scientific experts dismissed the theory that the virus originated in a lab. 

Hemmer mentioned that they had been told the lab leaks happen all the time in the last three days. However, in the past 15 months, they’ve talked to epidemiologists saying that lab leak doesn’t often happen, referring specifically to Ecohealth Alliance President Peter Daszak.

Daszak also served as a member of the World Health Organization-led investigation regarding the origins of coronavirus. 

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The former State Department investigator then hypothesized that the Ecohealth president might have been “urged” to dismiss the claim that says COVID-19 escaped from a lab.

The host then asked Asher whether he could trust these scientists. To which he answered that he currently does not trust “these scientists” at this moment.

Asher added that he trusts United States’ national lab scientists; he trusts the country’s Army scientists. However, he does not trust these people, to which he called “paid in the pocket” by scientists in communist China.

It should be noted that back in May 2020, Ecohealth Alliance President Peter Daszak and a former member of WHO said that there was “zero evidence” that the virus originated in a lab in China. 

According to reports, over 3,200 emails linked to Dr. Fauci were also obtained by BuzzFeed News and made available online. 

In addition to this, the Washington Post also obtained at least 860 pages of information which were made available for the public, following Trump’s Freedom of Information Act.