Leaked Documents Show Stunning Release of Illegals into the U.S.

Since March, the Biden administration has released at least 160,000 illegal immigrants into the United States with little to no supervision. They likewise included broad use of parole authorities since August, making over 30,000 immigrants eligible for work permits.

Biden-Harris administration is allowing hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants with no supervision

Border Patrol documents received by a news outlet gave a partial picture of how the Biden-Harris administration has been releasing a huge number of migrants into the United States. This is done often with no supervision, insufficient oversight, and with no critical risk of deportation. 

According to data, at least 94,500 illegal immigrants were allowed into the country with only Notices to Report. Those immigrants who received this notice are merely obliged to check in with any ICE office once they get to their final destination, which could be anyplace in the United States.

Those who check in with ICE will not be deported or detained, as their immigration proceedings are being processed. On the other hand, since August 6, the Biden administration released around 32,000 illegal immigrants into the U.S. through parole.

This gives illegal immigrants some sort of legal status. It also allows them to apply for work permits. 

However, according to federal law, parole authority should only be used on a case-to-case basis for “significant public benefit” or for “urgent humanitarian purposes.” In most cases, only a few parole cases are being handed out by officials. 

Included among the parole recipients are the tens of thousands of Afghans who were let go into the U.S. in accordance with Operation Allies Welcome. 

Former Border Patrol Chief: Biden administration is abusing their parole authority

According to Rodney Scott, a former Border Patrol chief, he has reviewed the documents and believes the Biden administration is abusing the parole authority. Scott noted that by regulation and by law, parole can only be given on a case-to-case basis either for significant public benefit or for humanitarian reasons.

Yet, neither of these reasons apply to the present situation. The former Border Patrol chief added that the number of paroles brings into issue the approval and review process.

Scott also noted that as a field chief, he has never approved over five or ten paroles within a year. Whenever he would give parole, he made sure the immigrants were continuously monitored, detained, or released as soon as the situation allows.

The document likewise showed that since August 6, an additional 40,000 illegal immigrants were released into the U.S. and on their own recognizance.

On top of this, on a single day in Del Rio, 128 adult illegal immigrants were allowed to go into the country without ATD, which in most cases includes a tracker by phone or an ankle monitor.