Conservative Leaders Call for Biden to Release Bank Records

"Vicepresedintele Joe Biden in Romania" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by U.S. Embassy Romania

Leaders of a coalition of conservatives are calling for an investigation on Joe Biden’s bank records.

Conservative leaders wrote a letter to Rep. Richard Neal, Committee Chari of House Ways and Means Committee. The letter ask Neal to investigate Joe Biden’s bank records, in relation to Neal’s previous statement pointing out the need to investigate criminal wrongdoings of public officials.

Last December 2019, Rep. Neal, had been calling out President Trump to release his tax returns, stating that such move will be “in the spirit of transparency, as the chair of the committee with jurisdiction over taxes.”

This statement by the Democrat Representative however, backlashed towards their party, when leaders of a coalition of representatives sent a letter to him. Their letter began by stating:

“Your recent comments about the need to investigate criminal wrongdoing by public officials and the importance of transparency to American government have not gone unnoticed. As you know, allegations of just such wrongdoing and the lack of transparency have arisen over the last two months based on emails found on a personal computer belonging to Hunter Biden — the son of Vice President Joseph Biden — a computer whose authenticity has been established by the FBI.”

After outlining the alleged acts by Joe Biden, the letter continued, “We hope that you would welcome the chance to assist Vice President Biden in laying to rest any allegations that he was using his office and official travel to influence foreign governments or entities to benefit his son’s businesses. And to answer this question: Was any of that income received by Vice President Biden or other family members?”

The letter was sent by some of the leaders of the conservative coalition namely, Andrew Langer, president of the Institute for Liberty, Dick Patten, president of the American Business Defense Council, Richard Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, George Landrith, president of Frontiers of Freedom, Seton Motley, president of Less Government, Horace Cooper, Co-Chairman Project 21, and Saul Anuzis, president of 60 Plus.

Other than seeking to investigate President-elect Joe Biden and his bank records, the conservatives also stated that they are hoping that Rep. Neal, in view of his strong demand for transparency and disclosure, will support the suggestions set forth by the coalition.

Other than Joe Biden’s bank records, they also asked for the bank records of the rest of his family throughout the period he was sitting as the Vice President and immediately thereafter.

In the letter, it also stated that this way, it will also stop any allegations against him, including concerns about how the President-elect acquired his “extensive personal wealth and his large estate.”

“Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The leaders also stated that it could also help “clear the air” if members of the committee from Republican and Democrats together with their legal representatives will be permitted to examine the records.

The conservatives also pointed to Rep. Neal that if he will take this initiative as a member of the Democratic Committee, it would show that his interest for full disclosure and investigationg of corruption extends not only to his opposing party but as well as to members of his own party.

Said letter concludes, “The American people have a right to this information and we are hopeful that you and the Vice President will see the advantage of the full disclosure suggested by our proposal before demands for a special counsel become deafening.”