Lawsuit Coming? Holding Democrat Russia Hoax Lunatics Responsible For Their Lies

Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna of Florida wants Democrats to pay for their lies about Russia. Ever since former President Trump ran for POTUS, we heard nothing but lies about how he was working with Russia to steal the election.

One of the biggest spreaders of this lie is far-left Congressman Adam Schiff of California. Luna is now demanding that Schiff pay a $16 million fine for his libel of Trump and for wasting money and time on a fraudulent investigation.

Schiff of Fools

According to Luna, Schiff made false allegations about former President Trump’s involvement in partnering with Russia in order to throw the election to Democrats in 2016.

The fine Luna is demanding Schiff pay is $16 million. That’s half the cost that special counsels John Durham and Robert Mueller cost America with their fake investigation of Trump-Russia collusion.

Luna said Schiff betrayed Americans and made taxpayers pay a fortune at the time, because of his made-up lies regarding the Trump-Russia affair. She says it’s only fair he pays at least half of that back.

Abuse of Authority

Luna also said Schiff abused the position of authority he formerly had as chairman of the House Permanent Intelligence Committee. Schiff had access to classified data and used it malevolently to lie to the American people.

Indeed, the special counsel later showed in reports that Schiff’s claims of what he’d seen in classified intel were just exaggerations and lies.

The GOP conference agrees with Luna that Schiff has to pay for his collusion. Luna said the fine demanded from Schiff is small and he should also be banned from Congress for abuse of power in the intelligence committee.

Last week, the Durham report made clear the flaws in the FBI investigation. It also showed there is no evidence of Russia’s influence on Trump in the 2016 presidential election, contradicting Schiff’s years-old claims.

Schiff says all of this is just a vendetta against him for being anti-Trump.

The Truth

The truth is Adam Schiff should be in jail for treason. He lied on the record about having proof of Trump-Russia collusion and interfered in a federal election.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.