Latest Polls: Americans are Tired of Democrats Controlling the US

The latest Gallup survey has shown Americans are reinstating their trust in the Republican Party, compared to Democrats. They see the GOP as a better option for countering international threats and promoting the nation’s prosperity.

Gallup Surveys Indicates that Americans’ Loyalty to the GOP is Increasing 

In its survey, Gallup constructed that almost 54% of Americans prefer Republican policies, compared to 39% who prefer Democrats in tackling international crises. Likewise, 50% of Americans believe Republicans are more ambitious concerning the country’s prosperity, while 41% think Democrats are better.

Last year’s survey gave the edge to Republicans in international matters narrowly; however, the wide gap of 15% this time shows the Biden administration has miserably failed to tackle the US international engagements.

The Americans’ trust in the GOP does not end here; nearly 41% of them opined the Republican Party can solve the issue which it considers most important for the country. This is compared to 38% of Americans who believe Democrats are better at managing the issues they deem important.

Biden’s Declining Popularity is the Product of the Blunders He Recently Made

Biden’s approval rating is declining and it is evident from various surveys now. Last year, almost 46% of Americans were optimistic Democrats could save the US from international terrorism. However, this number has now declined to 39%.

Still, keeping America safe from foreign terrorists is not the only thing on which Americans prefer Republicans over Democrats. For instance, 50% of Americans believe the GOP is a better choice in keeping the nation ahead of the curve, compared to 47% who said the same thing last year.

Independent and nonpartisan Americans are also favoring the GOP this time; this is a manifestation of how badly Democrats failed in impressing the average American. While Democrats lost Independent voters’ trust in double-digits, Republicans’ gains are still in the single digits.

Compared to last year, Republicans observed an eight-point increase in the question of which party can better keep the nation thriving. Similarly, this gain is five points and two points when the respondents were asked which party can keep the US secure and solve the issues it deems to be more important.

The survey was conducted after the US’ haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan and when Biden failed to control the outbreak of different variants of the pandemic at home. All of these issues combined helped Americans in making a wise decision.

Biden’s failure in keeping US soldiers safe in Afghanistan, his drone strike on civilians, his inability to tackle the everlasting immigration crisis, and his lies to Americans (which were busted by General Mark Milley and the top military leadership during congressional hearings) are why Americans believe the GOP can better handle international threats.

Likewise, as Biden’s economic agenda stalls in Congress, Americans now believe Democrats are not serious in passing the agendas they deem most important.