Landlord Says Tenants Buying Boats During Eviction Moratorium

A landlord from North Carolina is voicing out his concerns about the extended eviction moratorium; unpaid rents are amounting to up to $24,000 while one tenant purchased three boats over the course of the eviction moratorium.

A landlord in North Carolina is complaining about the rising amount of unpaid rents, the costs of maintaining properties

As the CDC announced that a new eviction moratorium will last up until October 3, Buddy Shoup (a landlord in North Carolina who owns 35 properties across the state) is complaining about the hemorrhaging costs of maintaining properties. Shoup stated despite the eviction moratorium and failure of tenants to pay rent, he is still bound by law to maintain the properties while his funds dry up. 

According to the landlord from North Carolina, he is out $24,000 in unpaid rent from renters. He added that although the federal government is handing out rental assistance, only 7% of those funds were given to landlords. Shoup added that the renters instead use the money to buy brand new boats. He also mentioned that one tenant bought three boats during the course of the moratorium. 

The landlord said that he was legally obligated to make repairs on the property, despite not receiving any payment from occupants or the government to cover the cost. In June, the Supreme Court ruled to allow the CDC to extend the eviction moratorium up until July 31. According to the court ruling, any decision to extend the moratorium further would already be in the hands of Congress. 

Biden administration goes against the Supreme Court ruling, stating that they will pass a new extension

However, on Tuesday, the White House press secretary declared that the Biden administration will be issuing a new extension. This announcement was made despite the fact that the White House previously declared and acknowledged that they do not have the legal capacity to extend the eviction moratorium.

The declaration made by the press secretary sparked concerns about the legality of the move. On Wednesday, during a press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki denied concerns stating that the move indicates that Biden does not uphold the Constitution. 

Accordingly, the press secretary also claimed that Biden is going to do what he can within his means in order to make sure that people can stay in their houses. After the announcement was made, constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley stated that he and other legal experts are saying that this move is unconstitutional. 

Turley added that Biden is disregarding the rule of law by going against the Supreme Court decision. He then emphasized that when the president took an oath of office, he pledged to uphold the Constitution. The oath he made did not provide any option, saying whether or not he can overlook the Constitution when it suits him politically.