Kamala Harris Calls Democracy the “Biggest Challenge” to America

Kamala Harris has called democracy the biggest national security challenge of the United States.

Despite the US military’s assertion the Afghanistan debacle was a failure, the vice president refused to take any responsibility for the messy withdrawal that led to the killing of 13 US soldiers, alongside hundreds of Afghan civilians.

Democracy is the biggest challenge to the US, according to Harris

Speaking to CBS News, when interviewer Margaret Brennan asked Harris about the single biggest national security challenge being faced in America that does not let her sleep at night, Harris immediately replied, “democracy.”

Likewise, the vice president stated 2021 is different from 2020, adding as the country is embarking on a new era, it is facing different sorts of challenges from across the world.

One of those challenges, according to Harris, is the rising number of autocracies in the world, which poses a national security threat to America.

Later in the interview, she backtracked her comments regarding democracy, saying we should fight to keep the fundamental ethos of democracy alive in the country.

In the multi-themed interview, Harris tried to brag about the voting rights bill not being passed by the US Senate, stating the bill should pass the Senate as early as possible.

However, Harris did not speak against the filibuster, which is the prominent roadblock against the bill. Moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is hesitant to abolish it.

Harris portrays satisfaction with Afghanistan withdrawal

Despite the fact the Afghanistan withdrawal left the administration shaking, and the unfolding events brought international embarrassment to the country, Kamala Harris blamed the Trump administration for the failure. 

According to her, she “fully supported” Biden’s decision of bringing all US troops out of Afghanistan, even though top US military leadership recommended keeping a minimum level of troops in the war-torn country.

The events took an unexpected turn for Harris when the interviewer asked her if the White House was trying to sabotage her, due to her political rivalry with Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary of the United States.

Brennan kept on asking Harris if she was discriminated against, due to the fact she is the first black person to hold the office of the vice president.

Responding to these questions, Kamala Harris stated she would leave these questions for other people to answer; according to her, she needs to do the job assigned to her as the vice president of the United States.

However, Harris indicated criticism against her can be driven by the fact that she supports issues like maternal health, Medicaid expansion, and postpartum care.

Kamala Harris bragged about her portfolio at the end, stating that she handles only those issues which are tough and cannot be tackled at any other level.