Justice Barrett Says Supreme Court Justices are Not “Partisan Hacks”

On Sunday, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett emphasized that the court is not a partisan organization as others make it out to be. The remarks were made as Democrats proceed to direct their anger at the judicial tribunal after they supported resolutions of Republicans in recent weeks.

Justice Barrett: Judicial philosophies are different from political parties

Barrett made remarks at University of Louisville, wherein the Supreme Court Justice noted that her goal is to convince the people that the Supreme Court is not composed of a collection of partisan people. 

Barrett added that the media (together with talks on Twitter about how SCOTUS rulings are made) makes it appear as if the decisions were merely results-oriented. She then emphasized that sometimes, she does not like the results of her decisions as well.

However, it is not her duty to decide court cases based on the results that she wants. The Supreme Court Justice then maintained that judicial philosophies are different from political parties. 

The remarks made by the youngest justice of the Supreme Court come at a time when the high court is coming under fire from the Democrat Party. This especially relates to the abortion law in Texas, wherein the Supreme Court let the law come into effect while the case is still pending in lower courts. 

Democrats want to “fix” the problem by expanding the court

On the other hand, Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said SCOTUS vowed to overturn Roe v. Wade and then did so. This statement was made by the far-left Democrat, notwithstanding the fact that the ruling of the Supreme Court did not reverse Roe v. Wade, as the decision made was merely procedural. 

Ocasio-Cortez went further, noting that the Democrats can either expand the court, eliminate the filibuster, or not do anything as millions of bodies, lives, and rights are “sacrificed” in exchange for far-right rule. 

Democratic Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts likewise made a remark, stating that the high court struck down the Roe v. Wade decision. Markey stated that Democrat senators have the ability to “fix” the problem via passing a law that will expand the Supreme Court, or by getting rid of the filibuster.

He added that the Democrat Party has to bring back balance to the high court after former President Trump and Senator McConnell “stole the seats” of Justice Ginsburg and Justice Scalia. 

Barrett also addressed the backlash that the Supreme Court is receiving, noting that she welcomes criticism on the merits of the high court’s philosophies and decisions. However, she wanted to defend the justices of the court against judgment that they are acting on some sort of partisan bias.

Barrett stated that to say that the reasoning of the Supreme Court is flawed is far different from stating that the court is working in a partisan manner. She added that she thinks the people have to assess what the Supreme Court is doing on its individual terms.