Judge Banned Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Health Workers

On Tuesday, Terry A. Doughty, a federal judge in Louisiana, issued an injunction, banning President Biden’s forceful COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

The request was filed by Louisiana’s Attorney General Jeff Landry, who asked the court to block the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ emergency regulation making vaccinations compulsory for healthcare service providers.

Biden has no constitutional authority to mandate vaccines

Doughty noted the Biden administration had no constitutional authority to surpass Congress in enacting such a mandate. The judge wrote in his verdict that allowing the president to use legislative powers will destroy the structure of checks and balances enacted in the US Constitution.

Likewise, the ruling mentioned history taught us that state of emergencies declared by governments pose a significant threat to civil liberties.

Defending people’s right to freedom of speech, the judge asserted the pandemic made the concept of the separation of powers even more important. Therefore, Americans’ liberties must not be compromised through these sorts of mandates.

Doughty’s ruling resembled the verdict of U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp, who banned the government on Monday from introducing any vaccine mandate against healthcare workers in 10 states. The only difference between the two rulings is that Doughty’s decision is nationwide.

Although Doughty noted in his ruling he considered limiting the ban only to certain states, protecting unvaccinated healthcare workers in other states motivated him to make the ruling nationwide.

Noting the ultimate fate of the case will be decided by the higher court, the judge mentioned maintaining the status quo and helping people’s liberty is essential for the court.

The preliminary injunction will remain enforced until the resolution of the case by a higher court or any further order that comes from the same court, the US Court of Appeals, or the Supreme Court.

Louisiana attorney general vowed to continue his efforts

Meanwhile, Attorney General Landry applauded the court’s decision. Landry said he would continue standing up to Biden’s bully tactics against Americans’ health decisions, calling the measure a medical victory for the country.

The attorney general likewise added the fight of Louisiana is not completed yet, but still, the preliminary relief was much needed. It will not only help healthcare workers, but also assist people in getting the necessary healthcare during the pandemic.

Landry vowed he would not let pandemic heroes be unemployed over the mere fact they refuse to get their jabs.

Biden’s vaccine mandate has often come into the spotlight, mostly due to the assertiveness of Republicans against the order. While Democrats often touted it as an instrument to stop coronavirus, Republicans believe it violates important constitutional rights of the American people.

The extension of this mandate for the essential workers created fierce criticism. Republicans declare those who worked during a hard time of the pandemic must not be fired over their personal decisions of not getting vaccinated.