Joe Manchin to Join the Republican Party?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell invited Senator Joe Manchin to join the Republican Party, advising him not to vote for Biden’s Build Back Better agenda in any case.

Meanwhile, the talks between Manchin and the White House on the social spending bill will continue next year, as the Senate goes off for the Christmas holidays.

McConnell invited Manchin to the Republican Party

Calling Manchin’s assertion against the bill “a shot in the arm for the country,” McConnell stated he was happy Manchin was doing so much to save the country from inflation.

He also expressed his wish that Manchin should kill this bill in its entirety, as Americans do not wish to see the bill passed.

On Sunday, Manchin appeared on Fox News, claiming he tried to negotiate with the top Democrat leaders, including Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer, but failed to reach an agreement with them on the bill.

Manchin noted he did “everything humanly possible,” trying his best to assist Democrats in supporting the bill.

However, the senator claimed the bill in its present form is too much social spending during a time when the country is facing an unprecedented inflation crisis, geopolitical turmoil, national debt issues, and the surging COVID pandemic.

Thus, Manchin claimed, he cannot vote for a bill he cannot justify to his constituents.

GOP leader expressed optimism in winning Senate back

Benson pressed McConnell about how he feels concerning the reaction which other Democrats have against Manchin over him not voting for the bill.

McConnell claimed he was shocked by the criticism, as doing this is likely calling Manchin a liar. However, the GOP leader opined these sorts of things happen in an equally divided Senate.

Claiming Manchin’s moderate stance puts him at crossroads with mainstream Democrats, McConnell told Manchin he welcomes him to join the GOP.

In addition to that, McConnell also believes Manchin is not a great fit for Democrats, and sooner or later, will have to make a decision regarding joining the Republican Party.

The host asked McConnell whether the defeat of the Build Back Better agenda would lead to a Republican majority in the midterm elections. Responding to this, McConnell asserted he is optimistic about getting the Senate back in the upcoming elections.

McConnell stated Americans have now realized what socialism looks like; therefore, the general public must turn out in great numbers to help Republicans establish their majority in both the House and the Senate during the next elections.

Likewise, McConnell claimed Democrats are in very bad shape, heading towards the election, and things are not likely to improve for them. Americans are seeing inflation as the biggest issue, as the government is failing to get people back to work.