Joe Biden Unloads Against “Junk Fees”

The United States economy has been riddled with problems ever since Joe Biden and his helpers in Congress started working together.

The end results of this work are mass inflation, low consumer confidence levels, high gas prices, and the general public’s rising struggle to afford survival.

Biden and the White House claim that he’s got the economy at top of mind and is working to fix things. Yet, the policies and rhetoric from the president tell a very different story.

Actions will always speak louder than words. Though in Biden’s case, he’s now hoping that lip service about “junk fees” will spare Democrats from losing the midterms, per Reuters.

A Ridiculous Speech From the President

Standing in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Biden sounded off about so-called junk fees that are ruining Americans’ lives.

The president alleged that fees for overdrafts, hotel booking, etc., are bad for the country. While it’s definitely true that not having to pay these fees would help many people, this doesn’t get to the heart of problems with the economy.

Even if Biden somehow managed to eliminate every single “junk fee” in the United States, inflation and low consumer confidence levels would still be very big issues.

Of course, the president framed “junk fees” as the root cause of Americans’ economic problems. In actuality, however, it’s spending that’s landed this country in such huge trouble.

The only way we can all get out of it is by reducing, not increasing, federal expenditures.

Hope Going Forward

Right now, this country has barely two weeks left before determining which party is going to control Congress for the remainder of Biden’s term.

A speech about “junk fees” isn’t going to erase all the economic harm Americans have suffered under the leadership of this president.

In many states, earlier voting has already commenced. Americans have the chance to elect and reelect Republicans who are committed to making sound fiscal decisions.

Taking back control of Congress will also enable Republicans to reduce spending that Biden’s all too happily been able to get passed with Democrats controlling the Senate and the House.

Biden wants Americans to believe the economy is going to get worse if the GOP wins in November. Yet, the current president and majority in Congress managed to bring the economy to its knees is under two years.

Democrats more than had their chance to revive the economy and tackle “junk fees.” Now, it’s time for a different party to run the show in Congress.

What do you make of Joe Biden’s comments about “junk fees?” Do you believe the president is using this as a distraction from how Democrats have already harmed the economy? Feel free to sound off below.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.