Joe Biden is Being Slammed For His Comments About Airplane Seating

Joe Biden is known for making wild, outlandish, and unintelligible claims. It’s very apparent to most Americans that the president isn’t all there and is wrestling with serious cognitive issues on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, what Biden says matters when he’s president. If he’s not up to the job, he should resign or his family should convince him to resign. Sadly, neither one of these choices is happening.

Instead, the president is making increasingly bizarre statements. According to Fox News, one of the latest examples involves claiming that racism is rooted in airline seating options.

A Low Bar, Even For Biden

On Wednesday, the president delivered a speech about lowering costs and inflation. However, things quickly went off the rails when Biden started talking about how airlines arrange their seats.

According to Biden, options for Americans to purchase airline seats with more leg room falls into the category of “junk fees.” The president went even further when he alleged people of color are hit particularly hard by these fees.

Other “junk fees” that Biden sounded off against include various charges required for consumers to access different services and businesses.

Nevertheless, the president’s claims about airline seating being racist were widely panned on social media. Furthermore, it showed the president’s real disconnect when it comes to taking on issues that seriously impacting the people of this nation.

A Recurring Theme

Since the president’s taken office, there’s been this recurring theme of him making downright obscene claims. Later, his staffers are forced to clean things up and run cover for Biden.

This is getting harder and harder for even the best White House workers to do, however. Weeks ago, Biden asked for a lawmaker who died in a car crash. The president clearly forget about this death, even though he’d previously put out a statement acknowledging it.

As Biden’s aides continuously try to defend him, they too are taking heat. Their rhetoric in defense of the president doesn’t make sense because what he’s saying is just indefensible.

Sadly, this is what Americans are going to be dealing with for roughly the next two years. However, if Republicans are able to win the midterm elections, then at the very least, the harm that Biden can do to this country is going to be greatly blunted.

With the president being as out of it as he currently is, it is critical that the system of checks and balances stops him from being enabled by lawmakers in Congress. This is why Republicans have to win the midterms.

What do you think about Joe Biden calling airline seating options racist? Please feel free to use the comments area below to let us know where you stand.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.