Jill Biden Earns Big Time Criticism Over Reaction to Chinese Spy Balloon

This month, Joe Biden has found himself at the center of yet another scandal. Right now, it pertains to his chosen handling of a Chinese spy balloon that was casually hovering over the United States.

The Chinese government wants the world to believe this balloon was nothing more than a tool for meteorological purposes that simply went off its beaten path. However, very few, if any, Americans are truly buying into this claim.

For some time, Biden held off on shooting the balloon out of the sky, despite many calls for him to get rid of it. However, on Saturday, the Pentagon revealed that it did, in fact, down the plane, with its remains now scattered throughout the Atlantic Ocean.

The general consensus from many Americans is that Biden should have gotten rid of this balloon sooner, rather than taking his time. Nevertheless, First Lady Jill Biden has a very different outlook on the matter, according to Red State.

A Closer Look at Jill Biden’s Take on the Issue

On Saturday, video footage of the first lady speaking about the Chinese surveillance equipment went viral. In her remarks, Biden declared the downing of this balloon was not only “thoughtful,” but also “coordinated.”

Biden also alleged that the US military made the smart decision of waiting until the balloon was no longer over land occupied by civilians, but rather over the water. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true.

The US military did eventually shoot the balloon out of the sky once it was over water. However, this did not happen at the very first opportunity. The Biden administration could have approved the balloon’s downing when it was first above the waters of Alaska.

However, it chose to wait until the balloon had a chance to pass the water of Alaska and fly over much of the United States before finally getting rid of it. Understandably, most Americans don’t think about this as a win or a job well done.

A Reality Check

After the first lady’s remarks about the Chinese spy balloon went viral, many Americans rushed to social media to clear things up. It was pointed out that Biden waited much longer than he needed to before finally getting rid of the balloon.

Other Americans explained that if the shoe were on the other foot, China would have immediately gotten rid of any US spy equipment hovering over their airfields.

There’s no doubt the first lady was trying to support her husband and make him look good. Nevertheless, Americans know better than what she was trying to sell.

Do you agree with the first lady’s claims about the US government’s management of the Chinese spy balloon? Down below in the comments area, please share your thoughts and insight.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.