Jen Psaki Admitted Biden’s Failure in Afghanistan

While counting Joe Biden’s so-called foreign policy successes, Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, did not include Afghanistan’s chaotic withdrawal to the list.

Earlier this year, she labeled the Afghanistan war a “success” for the Biden administration.

Psaki touted meager gains as Biden’s foreign policy wins

Responding to a question from a reporter, Jen Psaki noted that not one, but three things, were the most significant achievements of the administration in the foreign policy sphere.

She asserted under Biden’s foreign policy vision, the United States has successfully restored its global alliances, including with European nations.

Likewise, Psaki believes the US managed to solve trade disputes, which helped the US strengthen its values and increase its ability to compete in the world.

The press secretary continued touting Biden’s agenda, noting that America established an AUKUS alliance, while strengthening the already existing QUAD.

She stated since Biden’s inauguration, the United States made considerable progress in defense, security, and economic affairs overseas by making a strong connection with US’ Asian and European allies.

Amid all of this storytelling, Jen Psaki forgot the biggest foreign event that happened during Biden’s first year in the presidency, i.e., the US’ impulsive withdrawal from Afghanistan.

This is a withdrawal that allowed the Taliban to capture the country and perpetuate human rights violations. Earlier this week, the White House even admitted it failed to bring all Americans out of Afghanistan; still, a dozen of them are stranded in the war-torn country.

US adversaries breathed again under Biden’s foreign policy

The United States’ last days in Afghanistan were marked by sheer violence in the country, with 13 US soldiers dying in a suicide attack outside Kabul airport.

In addition to that, the faulty estimates of the president allowed a drone strike on civilians, believing them to be ISIS members, therefore, resulting in ten fatalities.

Despite the fact Psaki tried to portray the shiny side of Biden’s foreign policy in his first year in office, she failed to mention stark failures which have given US adversaries more breathing space.

Since Biden came into office, Russia started amassing a huge number of troops on its border with Ukraine, with the threats of its invasion in Ukraine remaining imminent.

Not only this, but Russia already warned the United States not to let NATO expand to Ukraine; Russia threatened to otherwise make the US pay the price of said measure.

Similarly, China successfully managed to invade the airspace of Taiwan with its so-called freedom of navigation operation; the nation is now willing to capture the island in its entirety.

Reportedly, China is planning an invasion into Taiwan early next year, with the Biden administration having no clue. Likewise, the US managed to compromise its interests with Israel, at the expense of the nuclear talks with Iran, with no future goals in sight.

Despite the fact the US is pursuing nuclear talks with Iran, Israel warned it will attack Iran if they perceive any danger from Iran.