Jan. 6 Report Tops Amazon Best-Seller List

The January 6 report went public and quickly jumped to the Amazon.com bestseller list in about a day.

Three Volumes Released

On Amazon, three volumes of the congressional inquiry into the 2021 takeover of the U.S. Capitol by followers of then-President Trump were among the top 30 as of Friday afternoon.

The installments involve one that’s been contributed to by substantial big names in both the mainstream US media, along with certain members of the US Congress.

This came along with a volume by the Hachette Book Group Imprint Twelve, posted in collaboration with The New York Times.

The 814-page report, which was posted late on Thursday, is not copyright protected and can be republished by anybody. It is also freely accessible on numerous government and news media websites.

Previous government releases, including the September 11 commission report and Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s connections to Russian officials during his 2016 presidential campaign, have already been successes.

In 2004, the 9/11 account was a candidate for the National Book Award.

Similar to other government publications, companies have raced to issue their books in order to take advantage of popular enthusiasm. In the coming two weeks, the country’s best-selling versions will be released with novels from Random House and Melville House Books.

The report released on January 6 concludes an inquiry that spanned 18 months and includes more than 1,000 eyewitness testimonies and more than one million pages of source material.

The panel of seven Democrats and two Republicans accused Trump of the uprising, concluding that the president and his closest aides hatched a multi-part conspiracy to overthrow his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden.

The dossier advises that criminal charges be pursued against former President Trump for his complicity in the incident. They argue that Congress should prohibit Trump and those who participated in the January 6 uprising from ever occupying federal office.

It is anticipated that additional records will be revealed.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated in the report that as the Select Committee closes its investigation, their comments must be a siren call to all Americans to attentively protect democracy and to give support exclusively to those who faithfully defend the Constitution.

Ignoring criminal accusations towards him and a pile of information to the contrary, Trump, who is once more a presidential contender, has proceeded to use social media to maintain his false claim that the 2020 election was taken from him.

Trump in Trouble

In conjunction with the felony recommendations to the DOJ, the committee presented 11 suggestions aimed at preserving the democratic system of the United States from future threats.

These recommendations have included a clarification that the vice president’s participation in the transfer of power is merely symbolic and a renewed focus on anti-government extremist groups by federal law enforcement.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.