iTunes Tries to Censor Trump

‘Justice For All’ was published by Donald Trump just under two weeks ago. The “J6 Prison Choir,” a group of January 6 inmates, sings the National Anthem during Trump’s recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in the song.

“Justice for All” Tops iTunes Charts

Remarkably, the track topped the iTunes list and remained there for seven days straight.

Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers,” Tim McGraw’s “Standing Room Only,” and Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” were all beaten out for the top place on the iTunes ranking by the tune.

All net sales earnings from the $1.29 song were donated to particular J6 households in need. By Monday, March 13, more than 22,000 digital copies of the song had been sold since its debut on March 3.

According to Patel of Breitbart News, the track was momentarily taken off iTunes on Thursday for a few hours, which caused it to lose its top spot in the rankings.

Patel, a national security official in the Trump administration, was a key contributor to the creation of “Justice For All.”

Patel was informed by a top Apple Music employee that the song’s deletion was the result of a misunderstanding.

The Apple Music employee explained to Patel that there appeared to have been a misunderstanding between their communications team and their music operations team. According to this prominent employee, the problem has been addressed and the system ought to be back up soon.

Inquiries from Breitbart News for comment were not answered by Apple.

The song’s philanthropic component was brought up by Patel, who told Breitbart News that if they were collecting funds for Ukraine, the track would not have been taken down.

According to Patel, Breitbart News says it’s hardly surprising that Apple Music and the music industry sector have suddenly been included in the restriction on speech and humanitarian initiatives.

They removed a song that had topped their official charts for seven days in a row and the sole reason they did so was miscommunication and error. According to Patel, they would never take this song off the air if its purpose was trying to raise money for Ukraine, as Brad Paisley did.

Patel added that Apple alleged the song’s removal may have been the work of an intern with the company.

Trump-Related Song Now Censored

The song was once again accessible to buy on the iTunes store as of Thursday night. Although it hasn’t yet recaptured the top spot on the charts. “Trump Won” by Natasha Owens is the top song right now on the iTunes list.

It’s clear that the unlawful and unfair censorship of anything that is “Trump-related” continues by the so-called “woke,” regardless of what the content is, what the topic is, or who it might benefit.


This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.