“Hypocrites”: The Bidens Caught Violating DC Mask Mandate

The president and first lady were caught on camera violating the indoor mask mandate at a high-end establishment in Washington, D.C., walking through without masks. Critics were quick to call the couple “hypocrites.”

Joe, Jill Biden caught on camera walking around ritzy restaurant without masks

On Saturday, the maskless Bidens were caught on camera leaving the Georgetown restaurant, accompanied by masked Secret Service agents.

Joe and Jill Biden dined at the ritzy Fiola Mare, an Italian seafood restaurant on the Potomac River. This was after they attended a Sunday mass at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown. 

Not only did the Bidens violate the city’s mask mandate, they likewise defied the mask policy of Fiola Mare, which copies the city’s. According to Fiola Mare’s website, all people who are ages 2 years old and above are required to wear masks while inside the restaurant, whether they are vaccinated or not.

The Fiola Mare’s website added that masks should always be worn while dining inside the restaurant, except while patrons are drinking or eating. When the restaurant was asked for a comment in relation to the “special treatment” the Bidens were given, they did not even respond. 

It can be noted that Mayor Bowser’s executive order (which applies to establishments) said that failure to enforce the mandate could result in warnings, fines, and revocation of licenses. 

However, one notable exception stated in the order was it shall not be applied to individuals in the legislative branch or the federal government, while they are “on duty.” 

Gilbert: Mask mandates implemented by the ruling class do not apply to them

On the other hand, justifiably irate social media users went on Twitter to slam the president. Benny Johnson tweeted that the public deserves some answers from Joe Biden.

Johnson invited Biden to explain why he thinks he is allowed to break the mask mandate and then ask others to follow it. Clay Travis likewise called out the first couple as “hypocrites.”

Joey Gilbert moreover wrote that the Bidens walking around the ritzy restaurant without masks serves as another reminder the mandate enforced by the “ruling class” only applies to us and not them. 

The behavior of the president echoed that of the D.C. mayor, who has been repeatedly photographed violating her own mask mandate. Back in July (merely hours before her mask policy took effect), Bowser was photographed maskless at her birthday celebration attended by guests, including comedian Dave Chappelle. 

Then, hours after the mandate took effect, Bowser was photographed maskless at an indoor wedding reception. In September, the D.C. mayor sparked criticism again when she posted on Twitter a maskless photo of her with a group of women at an indoor summit.