Hunter Biden Wants His Child Support Payments Slashed!

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We’ve all been struck with some radical changes to our income this past year. To everyone’s surprise, Hunter Biden is no exception. He was “forced” to ask for his child support payments to be slashed now that he’s making less money.

While it’s certain that he’s making a significant portion less now that daddy Biden hasn’t got his back all the time, one might argue his crack addiction might be getting in the way.

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Hunter isn’t too keen on paying child support

Despite being a known drug addict and a mainstay in tabloids across the globe, Hunter still had the nerve to present his case to an Arkansas court. He asked for his monthly payments to be recalculated in accordance with his current financial situation.

As it turns out, the prodigal son impregnated Lunden Roberts, a former stripper, some four-to-five years ago. After a failed attempt at claiming he is not the child’s father, he was forced to admit the truth years later when Roberts confirmed it with a DNA test.

Naturally, Hunter hasn’t interacted with his child to this day. Even Joe has yet to acknowledge his illegitimate grandson, even though he’s often seen discussing his grandchildren.

Hilariously enough, it’s been proven on several occurrences that Biden isn’t even aware of how many grandchildren he’s got. The number tends to shift rapidly between his public appearances, with the only constant being his refusal to mention Hunter’s youngster.

“Poverty” with a $200k luxury sports car

Earlier this week, Roberts had her lawyer, Clint Lancaster, fight for her child’s financial support, claiming the four-year-old girl is flourishing and doing extremely well for a girl her age.

Save for the fact she’s never met her father or grandfather; knowing Biden’s family values, she probably never will.

The lawyer also dug deeper into Hunter’s claims of poverty. It seems quite unlikely a millionaire of his lineage and caliber would suddenly get to a point where he hasn’t got a dollar to his name.

Due to these dubious claims from Joe’s son, Lancaster vowed to bring in his forensic accountant. This accountant is bound to have a field day with the web of corruption and shady payments our president’s Golden Boy has made in the past couple of years.

Others pointed out Hunter’s lifestyle is a direct indicator that he’s doing perfectly fine. He was recently spotted stepping out of his $200k Porsche in Manhattan earlier this week, a strangely uncommon feat for those stricken by poverty.

Additionally, it also turns out he’s above the law, unlike the rest of us. A judge ruled the public isn’t entitled to the information regarding Hunter’s felonious attempt at purchasing a gun.

According to the judge, Hunter retains his rights to his privacy, even if such treatment is vastly different from what just about anyone else would receive from the judicial system.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.