Hunter Biden Has Newfound Art Selling Scheme

Hunter Biden has a newfound profession: selling his thousand dollars worth of artwork to “anonymous buyers” in a suspicious art selling scheme.

However, the White House defended Hunter’s move, saying that the president’s son is within his rights to work towards a so-called “artistic career.”

The White House defended Hunter Biden’s art selling scheme to “anonymous” buyers

On Friday, during a press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended Hunter Biden’s newfound artistic career, selling artworks is sold as high as $500,000 apiece.

Psaki claimed that the White House organized a system to ensure that the buyers would be “anonymous.” She added that this system would allow the troubled son of the president to go after his artistic calling within suitable protections.

Biden’s press secretary then argued that just like any other child of the president who has the right to work for a career, Huner Biden also has the right to live out his artistic calling.

Hunter Biden, 51, launched his a new artistic career very recently. He will be selling his artworks in two exhibits. One will be in Los Angeles this spring; then, another exhibit will follow in New York.

In order to avoid the impression that outsiders are buying the work to trade influence with the first family, the White House allegedly created a system to keep the names of the buyers anonymous from both Hunter and the public. 

Ethics officers, the White House’s decision to keep the buyers anonymous is “very disappointing”

However, this system and the art deal sounded off alarm bells to ethic officers. Walter Shaub, former ethics chief for then-President Obama, slammed the White House.

Shaub posted a tweet, saying that the Biden administration is creating a system to ensure that the public will never know who is purchasing Hunter Biden’s artworks.

The former ethics chief also added that rather than letting people know who paid excessive sums of money for Hunter’s “art” (so the people can see whether the buyers obtained access to the White House), they created a system to prevent the people from knowing who Hunter’s buyers are. Shaub described this as “very disappointing.” 

However, the White House press secretary insisted that the sale of Hunter’s art will be made by professionals who have the “highest industry standard.” Psaki also defended the system that the White House created, saying that it will protect the sale from “any improprieties.”

George Berges will be the art dealer of Hunter’s artworks. He will also host the private viewing in Los Angeles and the art exhibit in New York. According to the report, the prices of Hunter’s art go from $75,000 up to $500,000.

It can be noted that Hunter Biden’s scandalous business dealings and the disturbing contents of his laptop have been set aside since his father took office.