House Ethics Committee Concludes Investigation Into Rep. Eric Swalwell’s Connection to Alleged Chinese Spy

On Tuesday, earlier this week, the House Ethics Committee concluded its two-year inquiry into Rep. Eric Swalwell’s associations with Christine Fang.  This is an alleged Chinese spy and the California Democrat will not face any consequences.

Swalwell Got Honey-Potted

In a letter to Swalwell, Ethics Committee Chairman Michael Guest and Ranking Member Susan Wild said the committee will not take any more action in this case.

It said the Committee on Ethics notified them on April 9, 2021 that it decided to look into claims made that they could have broken the law or other rules of behavior in relation to their dealings with Christine Fang.

In the message, which Swalwell made public, the author cautioned members ought to be mindful of the likelihood that other nations might try to acquire unauthorized influence via presents and other contacts.

Fang, commonly referred to as “Fang Fang,” is a rumored honeytrap who reportedly devoted four years courting legislators to gain access to confidential government information, particularly via Swalwell.

This happened after coming to the US from China as a student at university in 2011.

In a press release on Tuesday, the Golden State Democrat declared it was high time that everybody moved on.

Swalwell’s 2014 re-election bid is said to have had financial support from Fang, who also allegedly socialized with the congressman for several years on various occasions.

Federal agents told Swalwell about their worries about Fang in 2015 once they started looking into her after noticing questionable conduct. Swalwell ended all communication with Fang at that moment and gave the FBI details regarding her.

Security Compromised

Speaker Kevin McCarthy informed Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries that Swalwell and associate California Democrat Adam Schiff severely compromised the committee’s main defense and supervision missions — thereby rendering the country less secure.

However, the accusations of Swalwell’s connection to Fang cost him his position on the House Intelligence Committee.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.