House Democrats Start New Committee to Probe Trump

"White House Coronavirus Update Briefing" (Public Domain) by The White House

The left’s obsession with taking down President Trump truly knows no bounds. Since Trump’s time as commander-in-chief, the Democrat Party has made it their mission to go after him and offer “resistance” at every turn, rather than putting petty politics aside.

Now, new developments confirm that even the pressing crisis of coronavirus isn’t stopping Democrats from finding new ways to target Trump. Just yesterday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced her creation of a new committee to observe Trump’s reaction to COVID-19.


When speaking with reporters, the Speaker stated that this newfound committee will focus on “[rooting] out” various forms of corruption. The president, of course, responded to the newfound creation of this partisan committee on Thursday.

A Closer Look at House Democrats’ Newest Committee

Democrat Rep. James Clyburn will head the latest committee and focus on Trump’s response to coronavirus, along with the manner that taxpayers’ dollars are spent.

Now, when Speaker Pelosi conversed with reporters, she alleged that Democrats’ latest committee will also direct their attention towards stopping “price-gauging, profiteering, and political favoritism.” Moreover, the Speaker seemed to imply that Trump’s present response to the virus hasn’t been transparent or accountable.

The obvious partisan agenda of this new committee is clear as day and Trump didn’t hesitate to call it out. As a matter of fact, the president hit Democrats for “witch hunt after witch hunt after witch hunt,” stating that the left is ultimately losing by pursuing this path. Shortly thereafter, Trump noted the importance of defeating COVID-19, rather than wasting time and resources on a partisan committee.

The Obsession with Hating Trump

When the president first got into office, Democrats spent their time trying to undo the 2016 election results. We saw this with the ridiculous and baseless Russia investigation, which ultimately amounted to nothing. Not long afterward, Democrats switched the narrative to Ukraine and furthermore forced the weakest, thinnest, fastest impeachment…all to no avail.


Now, the left is reduced to using a national crisis as a means to start yet another partisan committee strictly designed to oppose the president. Alleging that such a committee serves the best interests of Americans doesn’t make the real truth any less transparent.

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