Hillary Clinton Lied: Stories Against Trump Were Self-Made Out of “Thin Air”

Michael Sussmann faces an indictment in the John Durham probe for lying in Trump’s Russia case to the FBI. Meanwhile, Rep. Devin Nunes of California has lashed out at Democrats for poisoning Americans with lies over the years.

Republican called out prominent lawyers, stating they manipulated the minds of the people

On Sunday, in an interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News, Republican Representative Devin Nunes of California criticized special counsel John Durham.

The criticism came over Durham lying in Trump’s Russia case to the FBI, particularly about his political inclinations with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Nunes believes Americans can no longer trust the Department of Justice and the FBI, due to their politically motivated actions. The California representative likewise called out prominent lawyer Michael Sussmann.

He stated that Democrat ambitions to use lawyers for their purposes are a dirty trick, as these people hide behind the privileges politicians give them.

Similarly, he further emphasized the social construction of Trump’s Russia case, explaining how power groups create a self-made story out of “thin air.” Then, they feed it in the minds of the masses through mass media which they control.

The Republican representative later encouraged Americans to study the indictment of Michael Sussmann to get deep insights into how the agencies work and manipulate people’s minds.

Nunes further said Democrat lies made Americans believe Donald Trump had connections with Russia at a time when the opposite was true. It was the Hillary Clinton campaign and Joe Biden who had connections with the country.

While talking to the Fox News host, Nunes unveiled that this is how Washington politics work through Marxist tactics. Likewise, he also said he is concerned about the current administration’s structure.

Most of the people who promoted this “nonsense” are enjoying privileged positions within the presemt administration right now.

The presence of undeserving people in office is failing the country

While further censuring the current administration, Nunes said these sorts of episodes are why apparently unqualified people reach the highest positions and end up messing things up.

He specifically mentioned the US withdrawal of Afghanistan, which happened due to the inefficiency of unqualified people present in the White House.

He said the killing of merit results in what happened in Afghanistan. 13 US soldiers died, due to the miscalculated decisions of these incompetent people sitting in the White House.

While discussing the matter, Nunes advised the DOJ to look into all 14 criminal referrals for the sake of American taxpayers.

Nunes stated Republicans worked hard to bring these names, despite having a lack of authority with them. He urged the FBI to do its job properly and issue indictments to each and every potential criminal involved in this case.

The indictment of Michael Sussmann has raised the eyebrows of many stakeholders who were closely monitoring the progress of Trump’s Russia probe.