Harris Announced $25 Million Funding to Counter GOP Voting Laws

Democrats are shelling out a $25 million investment as a counterattack to Republicans’ voting laws to tightening voting requirements. 

$25 million investment to fight against Republicans voting legislation

On Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris announced the decision of the Democratic National Committee to make a $25 million investment to fight against voting legislation and requirements pushed by Republicans. 

The $25 million spending proposal is a part of the “I Will Vote Campaign” as the Democratic Party prepares for the 2022 midterm elections. It is also an attempt to maintain the higher voting percentage Democrats acquired in the 2020 election. 

During the event at the Howard University, Harris stated that the counterattack of Democrats against Republicans is a fight of the “nation’s lifetime”. Harris also added that she wants to make it clear that what Democrats are trying to do is about all voters and not about Republicans or Democrats. Instead, Harris said, it is about Americans. 

Harris added that they want to help the people vote and make sure that their votes are counted. She continued by saying that American democracy is strongest when all the people participate and weakened when some people are “left out.”

The $25 million funds are intended to promote voter registration and educate voters about local laws introduced by Republican lawmakers together with the changes that were made since voters last used the ballot boxes. 

The money is also set towards mobilization efforts to encourage the record-high number of voters in November 2020 to come back and participate in the 2022 midterm elections. Harris, however, did not mention if certain states will be prioritized above other states. 

The vice president also met last Thursday with top civil rights leaders at the White House where they talked about the voting legislation in the country. 

Biden administration is facing mounting pressure as Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s voting laws

On the other hand, the Biden administration is facing mounting pressure from Democrats and other civil rights groups; these groups are urging the president to address the looming stricter voting requirements.

The concerns of the Democrat Party and their supporters escalated after the Supreme Court upheld voting rules passed by Arizona. The high court argued that the voting laws of Arizona were merely responsibilities and burdens that come along with voting rights. 

However, Harris alleged on Thursday that the new voting laws implemented by 28 states are meant to make it “harder to vote”. 

Biden also made a fiery address on Tuesday, calling out Republican lawmakers to stop promoting laws that would implement tighter voting rules. During the address, the president also alleged that the efforts made by Republicans are meant to “undermine” the right to vote. 

After Biden’s win in November 2020 election, a series of voting laws and regulations were introduced by Republican-controlled states. 

The concerns of Republicans were heightened during the pandemic when mail-in ballot and other voting practices fostered the possibility of fraud.