Greg Abbott is Still Leading Beto O’Rourke in Texas Gubernatorial Polls

In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott is going for reelection.

While running for another term as the Lone Star State’s governor, Abbott’s campaign has centered around policies involving the border, culture wars, law enforcement, the energy sector, and more.

At the same time, Democrats have been hard at work to flip Texas blue. There’s nothing the left would love more than being able to declare Texas is a blue state; however, this hasn’t happened.

Meanwhile, Beto O’Rourke, a Texas Democrat with multiple failed political campaigns under his belt, is challenging Abbott for the governor’s seat.

A brand new poll of the Texas governor’s race is out; like every other previous poll, O’Rourke is trailing Abbott by multiple points, as reported by The Hill.

A Consistent Pattern of Losing For O’Rourke

O’Rourke has consistently gone after Abbott, attacking him on guns, immigration, and a laundry list of other hot-button political issues. Yet, in not one single poll has he managed to get even a one-point lead over the Texas governor.

The new poll by Dallas Morning News-University of Texas at Tyler shows Abbott with a seven-point lead in support over his Democratic rival. Just 39% of Texans want O’Rourke as their next governor, whereas 46% are Team Abbott.

More Texas Republicans are backing Abbott than Texas Democrats are backing O’Rourke. The Texas governor also gets more crossover support than his opponent, along with greater backing from Independent voters in Texas.

Desperate to Eke Out a Win?

Earlier this year, O’Rourke claimed he was a Second Amendment supporter who didn’t want to take anyone’s guns. That remark came despite the Texas Democrat’s previous declaration of “hell yes, we’re gonna take your [guns].”

After the horrific shooting in Uvalde, O’Rourke infamously crashed a press conference that Abbott was hosting with members of the law enforcement community.

This, along with O’Rourke’s about-face on guns, was branded as the Democrat saying and doing anything that he believes will bring him good press and more votes in November.

Abbott, for his part, warns that O’Rourke isn’t putting the best interests of Texans first. The Republican governor is also on record cautioning that O’Rourke’s policies are dangerous and would cause serious problems for the Lone Star State.

Judging from Texas being a red state, and Abbott’s consistent leads over O’Rourke in the polls, it’s safe to presume the governor is going to secure another term in office this year.

What do you think about yet another poll showing Beto O’Rourke trailing Governor Abbott in the polls? Do you believe the Texas governor’s race is ultimately going to go in favor of the incumbent?

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This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.