Governor Kathy Hochul is Destroying New York State

Governor Kathy Hochul has led the Empire State since August 2021.

She took office following the resignation of former Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was accused of a number of sexually inappropriate advances on women.

Hochul admittedly took leadership during a tough time. New York’s economic situation isn’t amazing and it has a huge crime problem. She also took the helm when COVID was at something of a peak.

Though the problem is not that Hochul had challenges: every governor does. The problem is she’s taken every challenge she’s been given and made it twice as bad for New Yorkers.

Hochul’s Horrible Record

Hochul took over during a tense time, right after Cuomo’s departure. Instead of trying to dial down the drama, she ratcheted it up a notch, putting in even worse COVID rules and boosting unions and Democratic donors at the expense of everyone else.

She allowed schools to keep muzzling children with unnecessary masks and required masks while riding private transport. She put in special social media oversight to basically check if you post something too conservative and shut down your accounts in her state.

Hochul tried to face New York’s crime wave too, but keep in mind, she came in after over a year of ‘defund the police’ bull crap being spread throughout her state.

She waffled on crime and then made small and useless reforms to law and order to try to stop her blue state from becoming completely soaked red with blood. Though it was too late; the violent crime statistics from New York are alarming to anyone thinking clearly.

Hochul is basically in the awkward position of not being far left or braindead, but feeling too cowardly to stand up to the far left. She is thus moving too slowly and ineffectively against the fringes of her own party within her state.

She, like Biden, is a Trojan horse being controlled by the worst aspects of the modern American left.

Horrible Hochul Waffles

Hochul has really been a disaster for the Empire State. At the moment, another example is a bill about class size put forward by the far-left New York City teachers union.

Hochul is simply waiting out the fight between NYC Mayor Eric Adams and the bloated union so she can pretend to have supported whoever comes out on top.

She also let a key tax cut that incentivizes construction (421a) get scrapped because she didn’t care enough to try to bolster decently priced housing options in her state.

Prices have never been so high. Crime has never been so high. Unions have never had so much power.

New York City is turning into Detroit. Hochul and her gang of useless wafflers are sitting in Albany twiddling their thumbs and letting things ride.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.