GOP’s BIGGEST DONORS Turn Against Trump

American democracy has many problems. One of them is that money has a huge influence on politics.

Corporate and personal donors get a major say in who becomes president and who gets into Congress and government leadership.

Cross the wrong CEO and you’re unlikely to get near Congress much less the Oval Office.

Now many top Republican mega donors are turning against Trump and deciding that they want somebody new in the White House next cycle.

Billionaires Bash Trump

GOP mega donors are beginning to turn on Trump, including the head of Citadel banking group Ken Griffin who recently called Trump a “three-time loser” and blamed him for the lack of a red wave in these midterms.

Griffin backed Republicans upwards of $100 million this cycle at the national and state level, so he’s far from just talk.

His pick for 2024? It’s Ron DeSantis of Florida, who Griffin calls “unbelievable” and it’s not even close. He expresses no interest in Trump’s run and says he hope Trump realizes that people don’t want him.

Griffin may not be aware of the many millions of Americans who actually do want Trump and have supported him through thick and thin.

It’s far from just Griffin who’s turning of the Donald, however. Others such as former major Trump supporter Andy Sabin say Trump won’t receive a “f–king nickel” this time around, blaming him for not accepting the results of the 2020 election and being incompetent.

Instead, Sabin gave his money this time around to…you guessed it: DeSantis. 

The Tide is Turning

There’s no doubt the tide is turning and it’s turning in favor of DeSantis among the billionaire class.

While millions of patriots still support Trump, an increasing number of corporate, banking and industrial leaders prefer DeSantis and are throwing money his way instead.

Another example? Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross who previously backed Trump is turning away saying that despite liking Trump there’s just too much baggage.

Instead, Ross will be throwing his hat in the ring for DeSantis the next time around.

In general, Trump is raising money from ordinary folks who give smaller amounts each, while DeSantis is collecting a lot from the richest people in America.

For example the Trump-supporting PAC Save America has garnered upwards of $36 million from smaller donations so far this year.

It hasn’t done much, however, with the Democrats remaining in control of the US Senate and retaining most of their seats in the House.

The red wave that was supposed to come was a red drizzle.

Is Trump Done?

Trump still has millions of supporter and many big money connections. He’s far from done. But he’s no longer the king riding down the elevator like 2016. This guy has an uphill climb.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.