GOP to Help Gold Star Families Neglected by Biden

Senator Marsha Blackburn and twelve other GOP lawmakers applauded the passage of the act that will make a Senate fellowship. This will give Gold Star families the opportunity to be part of the government to which their loved ones have served and given their lives.

This legislation marks a significant achievement for fallen veterans’ families who have been bombarded by the Biden administration with unfavorable treatment.

Gold Star families have finally started getting the deserving recognition

Blackburn said Gold Star families are subjected to the loss of their loved ones and they often go through turmoil. Thus, giving them fellowship in the Senate will help lawmakers understand the difficulties soldiers’ families go through.

The Republican senator likewise added it would help the families, as well, to voice out their opinions and thoughts to Congress. This could bring positive changes to society.

Mike Crapo, another GOP senator, said Gold Star families are being burdened just because their loved ones decided to save American interests overseas. He added for their sacrifices, the senators are giving these families a platform to participate in the government directly.

Meanwhile, the families also responded positively to GOP efforts in providing them with the much-needed platform. A Gold Star widow, Jane Horton, applauded Marsha Blackburn for creating the fellowship program.

She added during World War I, widows of the fallen soldiers used to serve on the battlefield but nowadays, Gold Star families cannot serve on-field. Therefore, this newly created platform will give them an opportunity to participate in the government and serve the country for which their loved ones have given their lives.

Biden’s Behavior Offends Veterans’ Families 

The newly created fellowships are a major development, especially during a time when President Biden has often come into the limelight for being rude to Gold Star families.

Recently, when 13 American soldiers died in the final moments of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan at the Kabul airport, the families of the hunted soldiers were dismayed by the president.

The father of Darrin Hoover, one of the deceased soldiers, told Fox News the families do not want Biden anywhere near them. Biden’s images of glancing at his watch during the ceremony arranged to honor the 13 fallen service members went viral.

This sparked outrage among Gold Star families. Hoover’s father said he felt disrespected, seeing Biden looking at his watch during the event. Similarly, the whole family of Rylee J. McCollum, another fallen service member in the ISIS blast, except his wife, refused to meet Biden.

The mother of another service member, Ryan Knauss, who died in the same incident, said no one is ready to accept the responsibility for the deaths of 13 members in Afghanistan.

Biden has a history of disrespecting Gold Star families. In 2019, a Gold Star father said meeting with Biden in 2016 was a “horrible experience” for him.