GOP Senator Suggest 3 Policies That Biden Can Take To Fix Border Crisis

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Republican Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) called on Biden to reimpose three policies as critics slam the Biden administration for inviting illegal immigrants to storm the border through their policies.

Sen. Tom Cotton called Biden to reimpose three Trump-era policies to address the crisis at the border. 

The rates of migrant children arriving at the southern border are climbing faster than they can be processed and transferred to supposedly sponsor homes.

A senior Customs and Border Protection official told Fox News that while the Biden administration has continuously denied an ongoing “crisis” at the border, the rates of migrants coming in kept rising at an alarming rate. 

Cotton told Fox News Sunday, “The Biden administration keeps saying that Trump somehow dismantled the immigration system. That’s false. It was the Biden admin that dismantled three highly effective policies.

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First, he called on Biden to extend public health exclusion to all migrants. This includes minors. Cotton also looked at reviving both the “Remain in Mexico” policy and the “safe third country” agreements. 

Cotton added, “The public health exclusionary order, they lifted that order as it relates to minors. Well, guess what we have now at the border? Lots more minors. That’s not a surprise.”

Last month, the country started admitting migrants waiting in Mexico for their immigration cases to be processed. This move is a part of the Biden administration’s reversal of Trump-era policies, including “Remain in Mexico.”

Another policy that Cotton promoted as the safe third country agreement. 

Cotton said, “The so-called safe third country agreement with countries like Guatemala that says if you pass through a country that’s not your own seeking asylum, you have to make that asylum claim in the first country you pass through. That’s the international norm.” He added, “Joe Biden could re-impose all three of those things this week if he wanted to.”

Customs and Border Protection encountered 100,441 individuals in February alone. This number is a 28% increase over January, the agency said. Of those, 19,246 individuals were in family units, 9,457 were unaccompanied children, and 71,598 were single adults.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki finally used the phrase “crisis on the border” during a press briefing on Thursday, a notable choice of a word after the Biden administration consistently avoided describing the situation at the border that way. 

However, Biden’s press secretary seemed to walk it back when a reporter asked her if the choice of word is indicative of a change in how the White House viewed the situation. 

Psaki then reverted to using “challenges at the border” and kept Biden administration’s stand that there is no change in administration messaging.”

The country is facing what the Biden Administration admits an “overwhelming” number of migrants at the southern border while struggling to construct new facilities to accommodate child migrants. However, the administration is continuously refusing to describe the situation as a “crisis.”

Psaki said last week, “It doesn’t matter what you call it. It is an enormous challenge.” Before saying: “We don’t feel the need to, you know, play games with what it’s called.”