GOP Seeks to Withhold COVID-19 Aid from Rioters

"Jim Banks" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

A time of reckoning is starting to arrive for rioters in America.

Over a course of months, the nation has sat back and watched angry individuals ruin communities while pretending to fight for social justice.

As businesses are looted and torched, and as riots and fights break out in the streets, Democrat leaders are doing nothing to stop it. As a matter of fact, leftist governors and mayors have even rejected the federal government’s offers to step in and get matters under control.


Democrats may be OK with this, but Republicans are not. Earlier this month, the Tennessee governor signed into law legislation which would increase legal penalties for rioters, including the loss of one’s voting rights.

On Friday, Indiana Rep. Jim Banks (R) put forth a bill that would block rioters from receiving any COVID-19 from the government, documents Fox News.

What to Know About Rep. Banks’ Proposed Legislation

Banks’ Support Peaceful Protest Act takes rioting very seriously. Under this proposed legislation, individuals charged with vandalism, violence, or looting in conjunction with protesting would lose qualification for COVID-19 aid.

The Indiana Republican furthermore seeks to have convicted rioters foot the bill for the presence of federal agents that have to be sent into communities to stop riots.

During a WIBC-FM radio interview, Banks explained that convicted individuals who contribute to a greater need for law enforcement in communities ought to “be on the hook” to cover those expenses.

Banks’ explained that his decision to put forth the Support Peaceful Protest Act arrived after leftist demonstrators threatened and harassed individuals on the fourth night of the GOP National Convention.

More on the Support Peaceful Protest Act

The Indiana representative maintains that while he supports peaceful protest, attacks on federal resources must end. Banks also noted that many of the individuals going out and committing these crimes are able to do so because they’re unemployed and getting assistance from the federal government.

Ultimately, Banks’ legislation seeks to stop acts of violence happening across the country. The conservative representative explained that lawbreaking rioters should not get the benefits of other people’s tax dollars or go without consequences.

Finally, the Indiana Republican noted that violent riots are extremely different from peaceful protests.

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