Gold and Silver Market Turns Red Hot!

The Biden era has certainly helped us notice just how flawed the financial systems behind western capitalism really are. While everyone was caught up with the woke ESG purchases, the central bank decided to capitalize on the commotion.

Gold and silver, in particular, have been bought out almost entirely, leading to major price surges that can and will lead to major crashes in other markets.

Precious metal demand goes through the roof as the central bank causes a buyout

If you look at the vault runs from the past couple of weeks, you may find that tons of precious metals have been removed from the Comex system.

However, now that they’re in full view, the central bank is doing everything in its power to ramp up its purchases of these metals. No one is happy about it.

Top-of-the-line economist Peter Schiff spoke up on the matter, stating he’d previously discussed the matter, calling it a stealthy vault run, seeing as no one was willing to raise the alarm on these purchases.

This way, the banks could take possession of the assets behind the curtains while the inventory was still readily available, knowing no one else would jump on the trend with them.

Your money’s safe

In fact, the cat may not have been out of the bag, had the people over at Genesis not noticed a surge in demand for physical metals over the past couple of weeks.

Their work as a company that prioritizes this country and its people helped roll over standard retirement accounts into IRAs. These are backed by a physical inventory of gold and silver, both of which aren’t as readily available as they were up until recently.

The company also stated it’ll never deal with virtual or paper versions of these metals. They’re of no interest to the company, which has worked solely with physical quantities ever since it was founded.

Despite the buyouts that have sent several gold and silver companies scavenging for what little was left on the market, Genesis assures they’ll maintain the flow of wealth into their clients’ accounts.

By employing the aforementioned strategy, Genesis managed to simplify the process of securing one’s life savings to an incredible degree. This has helped countless Americans retain their hard-earned money through this high-volatility period on the precious metals market.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.