Georgia Governor Confirms Decline of COVID-19 Hospitalizations

"Opening Netherlands CG Atlanta" (CC BY 2.0) by nlintheusa

Last month, when Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced his decision to reopen the state, Democrats went wild. Leftist media immediately pounced on this move, claiming that the science and data didn’t support the Georgia governor’s decision. Likewise, left-wingers claimed that reopening the state would cause surges in coronavirus infections and deaths.


Once again, however, the left-wing mob as been exposed as the liars that they are. Since reopening, Georgia has not seen any spikes in COVID-19 infections or deaths. As a matter of fact, hospitalizations have reached an all-time low, as the use of ventilators in the state also goes down.

The Georgia governor confirmed these groundbreaking developments on Tuesday, notes sources.

A Closer Look at Georgia’s Latest COVID-19 Data

Coronavirus hospitalizations in the state of Georgia have steadily declined since Gov. Kemp reopened the state for business. On May 9, the governor reported the number of coronavirus hospitalizations at 1,203. Just yesterday, Gov. Kemp announced that the latest update of COVID-19-positive individuals in hospitals dropped to 986.

In announcing this new development, Kemp cited the decline as “encouraging,” while noting the importance of ongoing commitment to beat coronavirus. The Georgia governor also pushed for state residents to maintain social distancing practices, shield elderly individuals and those with greater vulnerability, while listening to public health experts.

Reopening America

The latest data out of Georgia should serve as a sign to other states across the nation. Reopening America is not evil, nor is recognizing the severe and plethora of dangers associated with ongoing, indefinite lockdowns.


Numbers and data matter, especially when making decisions that will impact people’s lives. Yesterday’s information shows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that reopening Georgia has not engendered any increases in deaths or infections, contrary to the left’s false narrative.

The rest of America should follow suit and reopen for business.

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