Gen. Milley EXPOSED Biden’s Lies on Afghanistan Withdrawal

On Tuesday, General Mark Milley (the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff) testified in front of Congress, exposing a score of lies made by Biden. The general narrated the “strategic failure” that the president and his administration faced during the Afghan withdrawal of troops. 

Military leadership advised Biden to keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan, but Biden denies receiving such advice

Gen. Mark Milley finally called the US withdrawal from Afghanistan a “strategic failure.” Joe Biden initially said it was an “extraordinary success,” which is absolutely against Milley’s thesis in Congress.

As Milley presented himself to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, the hearing was a complete shock for Democrat leadership, as their lies were exposed one after another.

Mark Milley, alongside Gen. McKenzie, testified they recommended the presence of 2,500 military personnel in Afghanistan. In contrast to this claim, Biden already said earlier in August that he could not recall any such advice.

Gen. McKenzie was the head of the US central command and administered the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. As Republican senators questioned him for his hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, McKenzie also claimed he was in favor of maintaining a small force of 2,500 troops in Afghanistan.

Although both top generals testified against Biden’s lies in the Senate, Mark Milley refused to call Biden’s statements false directly. Republican Senator Tom Cotton asked Milley whether they conveyed this recommendation directly to the president or not; yet, they beat around the bush while refusing to answer the question.

Senator Dan Sullivan also labeled the withdrawal of U.S. forces as a big “fiasco” generated by strategic failure and yet, no one has been held accountable for it.

However, Gen. McKenzie claimed Gen. Austin’s opinion (which was also along the same lines) was “well heard.” This indicates Biden intentionally ignored the military leadership advice and lied to Americans about it.

It can be noted that the president was very assertive in his claims that no general insisted on keeping the troops in Afghanistan. However, generals’ claims have busted Biden and revealed how he lied.

Mitch McConnell: the withdrawal was a “debacle” and the U.S. got nothing in return

The generals likewise exposed Biden for lying about the presence of Al-Qaeda and other extremist organizations in Afghanistan. Both Generals McKenzie and Austin admitted Afghanistan is still a house for Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

Again, this directly contradicts statements made by Biden, claiming these terrorist groups had already been neutralized. The top military leadership also warned the Biden administration of a possible attack by Al-Qaeda and ISIS in the US during the next 12 to 36 months.

Meanwhile, Sen. Mitch McConnell also voiced out his opinion on the Senate floor. McConnell claimed Biden gave our enemies in Afghanistan everything they wanted and the U.S. got nothing in return.

The senator also warned the disastrous withdrawal was a “debacle,” adding that the country is now facing a greater than before threat coming from Afghanistan.