Former Flight Attendant Pushed Beverage Cart for 220 Miles to Honor 9/11 Victims

Paul “Pauli” Veneto, a 62-year-old former flight attendant is finishing his three-week, 220-mile journey to Ground Zero; he’s also pushing a beverage cart from Boston to New York, in honor of his colleagues who died in the 9/11 attack. 

For three weeks, Veneto has been pushing a beverage cart, in honor of his colleagues

The former flight attendant started his 220-mile journey on August 21 from Boston International Airport; he’s been pushing the beverage cart all the way to Ground Zero, as a way to honor his colleagues who have died in the attacks. He is completing his journey to mark the 20th year since the incident. 

Veneto said in an interview days prior to arriving at Ground Zero that he knew he’d have to get it done and his story should be told. He noted that his main focus for making the journey was to ensure that his colleagues were recognized.

The former flight attendant then added that he recognized his act and his intentions were valuable for the families of his colleagues and it needs national coverage. So, he thought of doing something that no one else had ever done before…and that is pushing a beverage cart for 220 miles. 

However, immediately after Veneto started his journey (which he calls “Paulie’s Push”), he met obstacles. On the day he set out to push the cart from Boston Airport, Hurricane Henri was already on its way to New England. 

Veneto noted that people did not even think he could do five miles, but then he did 18 miles. Later, in Connecticut, he experienced another calamity, Hurricane Ida.

The 62-year-old former flight attendant noted that he was put to the test, yet nothing stopped him. He added that right from the beginning of his journey, he told himself nothing was going to keep him from getting the airplane beverage cart to Ground Zero.

Veneto: every day, he reminds himself he has to “keep pushing”

Veneto noted that every single day, he reminds himself he has to keep pushing the cart, despite all the obstacles he will face. Also, Veneto told himself he would employ all means he can to get to Ground Zero, rain or shine. He noted that he was going to carry the cart, swim with it, crawl with it, and do all he can to just keep on pushing.

Despite his 220 mile journey of pushing the cart, Veneto emphasized that his course was “nothing” in comparison with what the deceased 9/11 flight attendants and aircrew members endured. 

Veneto said they were true American heroes, struggling against trained terrorists. He added that the flight attendants and crew of the 9/11 flights were the first responders of the attack. They were and should be recognized, explaining that this is the reason why he is doing his journey. 

The former flight attendant then mentioned how his journey turned into something amazing. Veneto explained that he has been seeing people with signs to support him and it was absolutely amazing.