Floridians Protest Against Mandatory Face Masks

"Anti Mask Protest - Coronavirus (COVID-" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Tim Dennell

Months into the fight against coronavirus, mandatory face masks continue to be a seriously touchy issue for Americans.

Folks who oppose face mask mandates warn that the government shouldn’t have enough power to demand Americans to conceal their faces. Others warn that forced vaccination will follow forced masking if enough people don’t stand up against it.


Of course, concerns about the safety of constantly wearing a face mask are also present; weeks ago, multiple dentists came out and warned that rotting gums, tooth decay, and a series of other oral health issues are arising from individuals regularly wearing face masks, day in and day out.

Over the weekend, Florida residents congregated in order to protest against mandatory face masks. Put simply, citizens of the Sunshine State have had enough, according to sources.

A Closer Look at Florida’s Latest Anti-Mask Protest

Over the weekend, Floridians gathered in Fort Lauderdale to make their voices heard about mask mandates, the Florida state of emergency, etc.

While carrying pro-Trump and pro-America signage, protesters chanted in unison; they warned that they “[won’t] comply” and made various calls to remove masks, intoning for “no more masks.”

Protesters also didn’t hesitate to criticize the way that Florida has responded to coronavirus over the past five months. Slamming the “worst government overreach” and “constitutional violations,” protesters in the Sunshine State declared that face masks mandates must come to an end.

Another point of discussion dealt with whether or not the numbers of coronavirus still classify the situation as a pandemic. Protesters noted that while they know COVID-19 is a real virus, the government’s way of handling it has breached appropriate bounds and inflicted harm upon Americans.

Growing Protests Against Coronavirus Measures

Coronavirus measures such as face mask mandates, shutdowns of businesses, etc., are facing increasingly more backlash.

In spite of certain health officials rallying behind mandatory masking and business lockdowns, Americans largely view these measures as draconian and abusive. People across the nation also make the case that appropriate precautions can be taken without extensive government overreach.

Social unrest towards various restrictive edicts also maintains political undertones. Americans who oppose hyper-strict mandates from the government are likelier to lean right-of-center.

What do you think about the anti-mask protest that happened in Florida this past weekend? How do you view the government’s response to coronavirus over the past several months? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments section.