Florida’s School System is Having a Revolution

The state of Florida was one of the few that remained mostly free during the COVID pandemic. While other states were shutting everything down and jabbing people with a vaccine that has no long-term proof of success, Florida stayed open.

Governor Ron DeSantis made Florida the top destination for people from many blue and purple states who weren’t interested in losing their businesses and lives because of the dictates of a liberal elite.

This was especially true with school closures. Florida refused to bar and mask kids. DeSantis also took steps to stop the woke ideology and critical race theory from invading Sunshine State classrooms.

Now, his hard work is paying off at the local level.

Conservatives Win School Board Races

While there have been a lot of important primary races going on across the country, conservatives and independents learned their lessons about the local level. To be specific, local races matter and they matter a lot.

Take school boards where many daily decisions about students, curriculums, spending, and ideology are made. If these boards are staffed by woke liberals, all the kids suffer.

Therefore, conservatives and patriots are taking over and flipping school board districts into the winning column.

DeSantis emphasized how important these are. He even visited various districts to speak in support of patriots who were running, making it clear the local level matters to him as well.

Now it’s paid off in a huge way, with a full three-quarters of DeSantis-backed candidates winning their elections in many leftist-run school districts.

In fact, 25 of 30 candidates who DeSantis spoke in support of won their races, introducing an excellent amount of patriotic conservatives into the mix and breaking the left’s stranglehold on our kids and young men and women.

A Team Effort

This has been part of a team effort, backed by many Floridians and groups like the 1776 Project PAC and others. They wanted to make sure people got the funding they needed and encouragement to help save our schools.

The basics of our school system are still in place; we just need to ensure that woke communists don’t take everything over. There is still potentially time to turn back the clock on the insanity and stop extremists from fully infecting the minds of our kids.

Parents have rights, kids have rights, and boys and girls have the right to remain boys and girls without sick perverts introducing strange ideologies into their heads!

Let’s look forward, at least in Florida, to a bit more sanity in the classroom.

The Bottom Line

School board power matters.

These elections are a very good sign for the future of Florida. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but take heart in knowing good Americans have your back and are working hard to improve our situation.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.