Florida, Texas Hit “Pause” on Reopening

"President Trump Returns to the White Hou" (Public Domain) by The White House

New reports of increases in coronavirus are causing issues for some Americans. Like other parts of the “pandemic,” these reports have triggered controversy and divided people in this country.

Some people maintain that increases are due to reopenings and decisions to re-engage the economy. On the flip side, other Americans have made the case that more testing surges the likelihood of learning about more positive cases. People with the latter view additionally comprehend that transmission of coronavirus is not an automatic death sentence.


Despite the disagreements on what reports COVID-19 increases mean, certain states are now putting a pin in their reopening plans. According to Breitbart News, Florida and Texas, both states with Republican governors, are back to shutting down businesses to “flatten the curve.”

What to Know About the Reclosure of Florida and Texas

Both Florida and Texas are sounding the alarm and stating that a second round of closures is necessary to halt the spread of COVID-19. Reports now assert that present-day cases of coronavirus are at the same point they were in April.

Yesterday, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation announced a prohibition of alcohol sales in bars. This decision was prompted by the belief that coronavirus is largely spreading from large gatherings in places like bars and similar restaurants.

Texas chose a similar course of action as well. Yesterday, Republican Governor Greg Abbott announced that bars must shut down beginning at noon. In a statement, the Texas governor claimed that “Texans congregating in bars” are significantly contributing to the presence of coronavirus.

Therefore, bars in Texas must re-close their dining rooms. They are, however, allowed to still offer takeout and delivery to customers. Other restaurants are required to reduce gatherings to under 100 individuals and operate at no more than 50% capacity.

On-Again, Off-Again?

Florida and Texas’ returns to shutdown mode have prompted concerns about new economic devastation. Many Americans maintain that the government should not have the right to determine which jobs and businesses are “essential.”

The president himself has cited certain surges of COVID-19 cases as “embers” that will be put out accordingly. Likewise, Trump maintains that while testing for the virus is up in America, the mortality rate remains low as overall cases decline. He additionally noted that our country’s “roaring back” economy won’t be shuttered again.

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