Florida Gov. DeSantis Moves to Open State’s Economy

The United States of America is gradually returning back to normal. Already, different states across the nation — such as Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and others — have made moves to progressively re-engage their economies.


For the sake of preventing another spread of the contentious coronavirus, governors reopening their states are issuing certain guidelines for businesses to resume operations.

On Wednesday, America got a firsthand look at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ plan to get the Sunshine State up and running again, sources confirm. It’s important to note that DeSantis’ plan comes after his meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office.

The Plan to Reopen Florida

Multiple areas in Florida will begin to return to business starting next week. Stipulations for resumed operations include outdoor seating for restaurants and retail stores to function at no more than 25% capacity. However, additional businesses such as bars, movie theaters, gyms, and salons shall remain shuttered. Floridians are furthermore urged to continue to practice social distancing when they leave home.

Florida’s stay-at-home mandate expires as of today; however, certain counties in Florida that have suffered greatly from COVID-19 are, as of now, not included in the first phase of reopening. When discussing his plan, Gov. DeSantis expressing an interest in “[building] a foundation” for Florida’s future.

Finally, the Florida governor maintains that he’ll continue working with areas in the state with more severe cases of COVID-19. Gov. DeSantis also expressed optimism that these areas will be able to soon move to phase one of re-engaging their economies.

More on Gov. DeSantis’ Guidelines for Reopening Florida

The Florida governor’s plan is certainly a start; however, it comes at a much slower pace than other states. Georgia, for instance, has already given salons, gyms, and fitness centers the green light to reopen. On a similar note, Tennessee is set to reopen its state’s gyms starting on Friday, May 1.


Plans to reopen America come as social unrest over shutdowns continues to mount. States with Republican governors have consistently demonstrated more willingness to get their economies up and running again; meanwhile, Democrat governors continue taking their sweet time as the number of unemployed Americans surges.

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