Fishy! Biden Presidency To Cover Electricity Bills For Select Few

The Biden administration stated on Wednesday, six days prior to the approaching midterms, that the national government will assist eligible low-and-moderate income families in paying their electric bills.

Per a White House news release, the administration would invest $13.5 billion via the Ministry of Health and Human Services to “help decrease heating expenses for American households this winter.”

The monies will be used to repay utility bills and “assist families in making cost-effective home energy fixes to reduce their heating expenditures.”

Spending, Spending, Spending

Until then, the administration highlighted $9 billion in money from the Inflation Reduction Act that local and state governments can use to support energy improvements for 1.6 million homes, as well as the Department of Energy’s many efforts to lower power costs.

Based on the most current winter fuels prediction by the Energy Information Administration, the typical household that predominantly uses natural gas for home heating would spend $931 on electricity between October and March.

This is a $206 increase from the same period last year. Energy costs have been a major contributor to inflation reaching four-decade record levels.

On Wednesday, VP Kamala Harris visited a union hall in Boston, Massachusetts to highlight new initiatives.

The Biden presidency also declared the release of major chunks of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve over the recent months.

This prompted critics to assert that leaders are merely trying to decrease energy prices prior to the midterm elections in order to strengthen their legislative allies’ chances.

The national average price of gasoline topped $5.00 per gallon this summer, despite current pump rates of $3.77 per gallon, as per AAA data. This indicates a 58% increase since the president took office at the outset of last year.

Election Year Trick

Repeatedly, midterm polling reveals that people are most concerned about the economy and cost of living.

According to a survey conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post, 84% of respondents cite the economy as their main worry. At the same time, Republicans enjoy a 16-point advantage over Democrats regarding economic management trust.

Another Bankrate study reveals 43% of participants agree their finances are direr than they were two years ago. In contrast, only 18% say they are better, with the majority of those in the former group blaming Democrats.

69% of those who reported worsening finances attributed “at least a considerable amount of blame” to Biden, while 71% blamed Democrats in Congress.

A more minor, but still significant, 54% blamed congressional Republicans. Although 93% of Republicans with less favorable financial prospects blamed Biden, only 30% of Democrats concur.

In addition to efforts to put downward pressure on energy costs, critics argue Biden’s decision to erase up to $10,000 in student loan debt per borrower is motivated by fears that Republicans would gain control of one or both congressional chambers.

The Pacific Legal Foundation said in a lawsuit that the debt forgiveness was an “election year trick.”

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.