Fetterman’s Debate Against Oz Did Not Go Over Well

For weeks on end, Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman has been pressed to debate Pennsylvania Republican Mehmet Oz. Both candidates are running for Senate.

However, Fetterman previously showed reservations about debating Oz before later agreeing to it amid public pressure.

Earlier this year, Fetterman suffered a severe stroke. Months later, the results still linger; though the Democrat insists he’s more than up to the task of campaigning and serving in the Senate.

Unfortunately for Fetterman, he actually did debate Oz on Tuesday night. To say this debate did not go over well for the Democrat would be a severe understatement, per Breitbart News.

A Breakdown of the Pennsylvania Senate Debate

During Fetterman’s time debating, he seemed visibly out of it. The Democrat frequently stumbled over his words, appeared confused, and made statements that were objectively unintelligible.

For weeks, supporters and allies of Fetterman have alleged that Oz and Republicans are lying about Fetterman’s health. Though his display during Tuesday night’s debate wasn’t indicative of someone who’s fully recovered from a very serious stroke.

Aside from speech and auditory issues, Fetterman also lied about his track record regarding policy on numerous occasions. Many Americans were taken about by the lies because what Fetterman was saying could be easily disproven.

Oz, on the other hand, spent Tuesday night giving answers that were clear, concise, and to the point. The Pennsylvania Republican likewise called out Fetterman on serious issues with his record and how this would impact his leadership as a senator.

A Bad Night For Fetterman

Already, folks with the Pennsylvania Democrat’s campaign have come out and said that how Fetterman spoke at last night’s debate isn’t how he always talks.

Objectively, Fetterman didn’t do himself any favors on Tuesday; in fact, not debating Oz may have been in his own best interests after all.

Nevertheless, on Tuesday night, Pennsylvania voters got a clear look at the choices before them. Both candidates could not be more removed from one another.

This particular election is going to play a significant role in whether or the Senate goes to Republicans next month.

Polls show that Oz is repeatedly gaining ground on Fetterman. Though after last night, there’s a very real likelihood that the Pennsylvania Republican will get to a strong, undeniable lead over his rival.

Meanwhile, Fetterman has yet to release his medical records post-stroke in spite of multiple calls for him to do this.

What did you think about the debate between Pennsylvania candidates Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman last night? Who do you think won this debate? Feel free to let us know in the comments area below if you think Oz or Fetterman will walk away with the win, come next month.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.