Federal Judge Banned Biden’s Vaccine Mandate in 24 States

A federal judge in Louisiana banned Biden’s vaccine mandate for Head Start early education programs which will require the government not to force vaccination on teachers of the program.

The measure came as a victory to 24 states which sued the federal government over the measure.

Head Start vaccine mandate banned in 24 states

Terry Doughty, the US District Judge, noted the federal government had no authority to bypass Congress in issuing the vaccine mandate.

According to this mandate, all workers of the Head start programs had to be vaccinated by January 31, while students aged over two years had to be masked indoors and while in close contact outdoors.

Head Start is a program responsible for promoting education in children less than six years old who belong to low-income families.

Doughty claimed the separation of power is one of the important aspects of the US Constitution. He quoted the famous words of former President Ronald Reagan, who said, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” are terrifying words of English.

In addition to this, the judge also asserted if the president is allowed to trespass congressional authority, the fundamental ethos of democracy in the country would be compromised. Doughty is an appointee of former President Trump.

Republican attorney generals praised the court’s decision

Meanwhile, the GOP attorney generals who led the vaccine mandate lawsuit against Biden praised the decision of Judge Doughty.

Steve Marshall, the attorney general of Alabama, said in a news release this decision of the court would help 2-year-old kids avoid the damaging mask mandate which the Biden administration tried to pursue.

Similarly, the AG mentioned this decision would allow Head Start programs to work without any disruption of firing teachers and reducing staff for children.

It is not clear yet if the White House will challenge the decision in the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

This ruling is somewhat similar to another verdict from last week when a federal judge banned the vaccine mandate for Head Start in Texas on Friday. Fourteen states across the country were impacted by Saturday’s decision. 

Meanwhile, Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican congresswoman from New York slammed the federal government mandating vaccines, noting the government should focus on the treatment of the virus instead.

She also lambasted the 46th president, stating he recently claimed that states should lead the efforts of tackling the coronavirus pandemic; yet still, Biden is imposing federal COVID vaccine mandates on various entities.

Criticizing Biden for violating his campaign promises, the GOP lawmaker mentioned that none of his promises are becoming a reality these days.

Noting that Biden has the advantage of vaccinations, Mallliotakis said the numbers of COVID cases in the United States are still increasing.