FBI Has Information on the January 6th Bomber, But Has Made No Arrests

On the day of the infamous riots that happened at the Capitol building, an unknown suspect planted numerous bombs near the RNC and DNC headquarters.

Even though there was video evidence of someone very obviously attempting to hide something, which was later discovered to be a bomb, the FBI never made any arrests, leaving many wondering why.

FBI keeps withholding information

The Capitol had been shut down after federal agents discovered the bombs near the headquarters of both parties in Washington. With the help of a bomb squad, both of the explosive devices were defused safely.

As it turns out, the bombs were planted on January 5th, the night before the riots, causing a lot of speculation regarding whether the suspect knew the protests would break out into rioting.

This is further supported by the fact that the FBI withheld all of the information about the suspect. This usually isn’t the case when there’s more than a single piece of video evidence placing them at the crime scene.

Nevertheless, the agency continued releasing these videos, each of them depicting a man planting pipe bombs near the RNC and DNC headquarters, with each video causing incredible amounts of controversy upon release.

Jim Jordan sheds light on the investigation, or lack thereof

It didn’t take long for someone to take action.

A whistleblower came forth, claiming the FBI was purposely obscuring information regarding the bombings and the true identity of the suspect.

Finally, this year, the FBI caved in and sent out a $500k warrant for any piece of information on the bomber; although many have argued that was just their way of figuring out who was on duty on January 5th.

To no one’s surprise, the culprit is yet to be caught. Now even the whistleblower, Kyle Seraphin, claims the explosive devices were inoperable when they were discovered by the bomb squad.

Given the timing of the attacks, it’s highly likely the bombs were just a propaganda operation against Trump supporters, which doesn’t explain why both parties’ headquarters were targeted.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.